America First – Why Not?

America First, President Trump’s battle cry, is a reasonable concept for self-preservation that runs counter to the current seditious behavior of the globalist inspired, deep state insurgency. The left, democrats and various other left liberal pundits, are horrified that President Trump could put forth what they falsely consider, a divisive narrative. However, the left liberals, democrats, and the leftist mainstream media, are so mired in their weak affectation of political correctness they are unable to accept the reality of the President’s narrative.

Were you to confront the ‘anti’ America First zealots you would be met with furious blank stares having no depth or comprehension of reason.

The left is too numb to realize that every other sovereign entity on  the planet, put their own countries first. Their arguments against the concept of America first ring weak, and hollow. The argument that America First is a policy of isolationism is false.

President Trump, unlike the pre-WWII isolationists, has put forth an agenda of working hand in hand with other nations to work for not only our benfit but also to theirs.

We might  also rightly assume opponents of the President’s agenda to put America First,  are nothing more than weak-minded shills of the globalist elites dedicated to destroying our republic for their own gain of uncontrolled power and profit.

With all said, those against putting our country first, might well be considered seditious at best. My opinion, they are descendants of every generation that has helped destroy nations and empires. Simply put, they are the enemy within waiting to throw open the gates to the globalist barbarians who would plunder and destroy our great nation….WFM

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Opinion: Ten arguments in favor of Donald Trump – Excerpts….

By Ines Pohl, – Correspondant,  May 5, 2016

1. Donald Trump is not Hillary Clinton

This may seem self-evident, but it is a fact that the former secretary of state and first lady is simply not electable for many Americans – and that’s not limited to Republican voters: Plenty of independents and Democrats also view her as a deeply problematic candidate. Clinton stands for an almost dynastic interpretation of America’s political elite. What’s more, anyone who has held public office for as long as she has, by definition has also made lots of mistakes. And those mistakes are now being used against her.

Clinton’s biggest problem is highlighted by the so-called email scandal she is embroiled in: The arrogance of power by which she claims privileges for herself. If Clinton had apologized loud and clear early on, the issue would been resolved long ago. But let’s not forget that sexism also plays an important role why Clinton, who also served successfully as Senator from New York, is disliked by many.

2. Donald Trump speaks in a way people can understand

While much of what he says doesn’t make sense and he can easily contradict himself several times in one sentence, Trump talks in way that everyone with a reasonable command of English can understand. There is no need to get out a dictionary or try to follow complicated sentence structures. And because people comprehend what he is saying, they feel connected and taken seriously.

3. People believe him

At first glance this doesn’t seem to make sense. But precisely because Trump contradicts himself constantly and offers diverging views on one and the same topic, many people feel that he is simply being honest.

In a campaign in which many statements are geared toward very specific voter groups, many people deem authenticity more important than sophisticated electoral concepts that often seem generic and starchy.

4. Trump’s economic success is clearly visible

New details emerge almost daily showing that the business ventures of the so-called New York real estate tycoon are not as successful as Trump makes them out to be. So far, however, those reports have not damaged his narrative of a successful businessman

who simply gets things done. One reason is because his mostly inherited wealth is clearly visible on his golf courses, in his casinos or his pompous Trump Towers.

5. Trump is not afraid of making enemies

His rants, his insults, his gaffes serve as living proof for many that Trump is not afraid to make enemies. This is seen by many as sign of strength, especially as it relates to pushing American interests on the global stage. Many of his supporters do not curse nor do they insult women. But they still regard Trump’s behavior as a sign of strength that they seek in a leader. What’s more, many may also relish the fact that someone can finally break out of the tightly woven net of etiquette and social rules in a country made up of so many diverse cultures and religions all of which have to somehow get along.

6. Trump has backbone and emotions

No one expects well thought out and coherent plans from Donald Trump. Instead he offers grand gestures and lofty visions to alleviate the worries and anxieties of his supporters. Trump provides an emotional home for all those who define themselves primarily by excluding and contrasting themselves against others. It is precisely this feeling of belonging that many yearn for in a globalized world. They don’t want questions or calls to engage and stake out their own role in this new world, instead they prefer simple answers and solutions.

7. Everything should stay the way it never was

Donald Trump’s dream of making America as great as it was in the past has at its core the rejection of accepting that we live in a completely globalized world. This stance makes Trump unique in this campaign as he is the only one offering people an antidote to the fear of change. His simple slogan “Let’s make America great again” is the perfect banner under which all those can assemble who can no longer cope with the radical changes affecting modern society. And this includes the many Americans who justifiably worry about the breakdown of high living standards enjoyed in many Western countries. Donald Trump is the perfect personification of the rejection of globalization. His infamous notion of a wall on the border with Mexico has become the bizarre symbol of this stance.

8. Donald Trump is the answer to the development of the Republican Party

Since the late 1970s the Republican Party has evolved in a way that has alienated many traditional voters. Trump’s rise is the response to this development.

Ultimately, Trump was only made possible by the GOP’s anti-government stance and its strong focus on supporting the country’s economic elite. The traditional voters – the white middle class – have suffered under the GOP’s tack toward globalization and its low-wage policy has only exacerbated the competition with immigrants. This extremism has weakened the traditional conservative values of Abraham Lincoln’s party and created Trump.

9. Last chance for the white man

For the Democrats the white middle class no longer plays a key role. The Republicans, however, must win over this voter segment in order to have any chance of winning this year. In any case, the demographic changes – by 2050 at the latest there will be a non-white majority – will make the white voter segment increasingly less important as a whole. That’s why this election could well be one of the last polls in which the white middle-aged middle class male wields this much influence. And Donald Trump, like no other candidate, has been able address their aspirations, fears and hopes for his own benefit.

Read more:




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Mueller’s witch hunt out of control

Robert Mueller, in an attempt to intimidate Paul Manaforte, authorized FBI agents to pick the lock on Manaforte’s front door and raid the house while Manaforte was sleeping. While Manaforte may or may not be involved with the Russians he did not need to be treated like a mafia hitman.

The problem with Mueller’s tactics is they smack of Soviet style takedowns where terrorist tactics are employed, in this case, to intimate an American  citizen who has not yet been convicted of a crime.

Mueller has become rabid due to his inability to link President Trump to the false charges of colluding with the Russians. It would appear that Mueller is becoming desperate and it seems apparent that his motivation in gpoing after Manaforte is to take down the President at any cost.

We need only look at the Clinton campaign attorneys and other democrat lawyers he hire to get the President. Mueller’s friendship with James Comey may be another factor for Mueller’s actions. Maybe a little payback involved for the Presidents firing of his buddy rom the FBI.

Mueller, like Comey is in my opinion, is  disgrace. Both have smeared the good name and reputation of those FBI agents who aren’t part of Mueller’s partisan inspired witch hunt. The simple truth, if Mueller can take down a person with connections imagine what he could do to any us….WFM

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Mueller team under fire for ‘brass-knuckle’ tactics in bid to squeeze Manafort

Chris Wallace, Fox News

When a report surfaced that federal agents picked the lock on Paul Manafort’s front door for a surprise raid over the summer while the former Trump campaign chairman was in bed, it was also a wake-up call for prominent Houston attorney Tom Kirkendall.

“Here is a United States citizen where the FBI is coming in, picking his lock, and raiding his home in the early morning, over what? It doesn’t matter which side you’re on. It’s just crazy. We’re not the Soviet Union. It’s appalling,” said Kirkendall, who has worked on cases involving one of the special counsel’s key investigators, Andrew Weissmann.

The intensity of the focus on Manafort is widely seen as a potential effort by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team to pressure him into providing information on others, possibly President Trump himself, in the Russia probe.

But the “brass-knuckle” tactics have raised eyebrows in the legal community.

The Manafort investigation has been the subject of numerous leaks, including new details about the so-called FISA warrant reportedly used to eavesdrop on his calls last year. Warrants issued by a FISA court, which stands for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, are supposed to be highly secret.


“It is not at all common” to reveal a FISA warrant publicly, former attorney general Michael Mukasey told Fox News. “FISA warrants are obtained for the purpose of gathering intelligence, a purpose that obviously would be defeated by revealing a warrant publicly.”

The leaks could be coming from any number of sources due to the multiple ongoing investigations on Capitol Hill as well as the special counsel probe – in addition to the dissemination of sensitive information by Obama administration figures in its final days.

But former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy said he “wouldn’t be the least bit surprised” if some of the leaks were coming from the special counsel.

“Look, they clearly went out of their way to intimidate Manafort with the brass-knuckle way they did the search of his Virginia home,” McCarthy said. “They are trying to squeeze him, so I would not put it past them to use leaks if they think that might help increase the pressure on Manafort to flip. But we don’t have slam-dunk evidence that they are behind the leaks.”

There are other signs of unusually aggressive tactics in this investigation.

‘They clearly went out of their way to intimidate Manafort.’

– Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy

The New York Times, which reported on how agents picked the lock during the July raid, also said Mueller followed up with a warning that his prosecutors planned to indict him.

Fox News reported last month that the raid lasted 10 hours and involved a dozen federal agents, who seized documents labeled “attorney-client,” according to a source close to the investigation.

While Mueller has assembled a large team, one of its most prominent investigators is former U.S. attorney Weissmann, who had overseen a series of controversial prosecutions that ultimately resulted in dismissed convictions and formal allegations of prosecutorial misconduct.

For example, when Weissmann was leading the Enron Task Force, he sent former Merrill Lynch executive William Fuhs to a maximum-security prison in Oklahoma, 700 miles from his wife and two small children in Denver.

Fuhs spent the next year behind bars before being released on bail. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals later ruled that there was no evidence upon which a reasonable jury could find that he violated the law, and his conviction was vacated.

When contacted by Fox News, Fuhs and his attorney refused to be quoted on the case, citing the anxiety caused by the experience. But Kirkendall told Fox News, “It’s déjà vu with what’s happening against Mr. Manafort. Fuhs and his family lost a year of their lives because of a completely misguided prosecution.”

Weissmann also helped prosecute Anderson Consulting, which led to a conviction of the firm, its eventual closure and the loss of 28,000 thousand employees. In a highly unusual unanimous decision, the Supreme Court later overturned and dismissed that conviction as well.

“That was a tremendous example of horrifying prosecutorial misconduct,” Kirkendall said. Weissmann, at the time, denied there had been any intimidation of witnesses. ”There is no factual basis” to the allegation, he said in 2002. ”It is just not true.”

Former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell was so outraged after a case involving Weissmann that, in 2012, she filed a formal complaint of prosecutorial misconduct with the Texas bar and the DOJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility. The complaint alleged witness threatening, withholding exculpatory evidence, and the use of “false and misleading summaries.” After reviewing the complaint, the Obama administration’s OPR found no ethical violations

Now a Dallas-based federal appeals attorney, she wrote a book about the experience, called “Licensed to Lie.” She still maintains Weissmann and his task force “made up a crime,” alleging the team gave the defendants “false and misleading summaries of what witnesses had told the government.”

Powell sees similar tactics with the Manafort probe. “They will do whatever it takes to nail him. Instead of investigating crimes, they’re trying to pin crimes on him,” she said.

The special counsel’s office declined to comment, when asked by Fox News about the concerns over the tactics in the Russia investigation as well as over Weissmann’s past cases.

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Voter Fraud Unmasked

Voter fraud? Surprise, surprise – not really. Studies earlier this year by the Public Interest Legal Foundation found thousands of illegal voters registered and casting ballots in both Virginia and New Jersey.

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Voter fraud is more rampant than the miandstream media and both parties are willing to admit.

Republicans are complicit, along with democrats, by their not challenging this corruption in our electoral system. Further we may opine that perhaps the republicans turning a blind eye to voter fraud is their K St corporate lobbyists would prefer they didn’t. The corporate establishment profits from the economic slave labor of illegal aliens. That same corporate establishment has corrupted both parties.  Moving on….

There is evidence that both foreign nationals who are lawfully present in the United States….along with….illegal aliens have voted in recent elections. During this….past… election cycle, noncitizens have been discovered on voter registration rolls in Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We can also add Maryland and Califirnia to the list. [1]

With that said the number involved in voter fraud in California, have yet to be exposed. 

Democrats have been exposed on more than a few  occassions  of being guilty of aiding illegal aliens and non-citizens registering to vote as in the case of Harry Reid and Bill Clinton  when an Indiana group called ‘The Patriot Majority,’  linked to Bill Clinton and Harry Reid, had been found guilty of filing false voter registration forms. [2] [3]

“Non-citizens who register to vote are breaking federal laws and can be deported, an appeals court affirmed in a new ruling Monday, issuing its decision just as President Trump raised the profile of the issue, asking for a study of illegal voting.

Margarita Del Pilar Fitzpatrick had registered to vote in Illinois, and had even cast ballots in two federal elections, despite being a citizen of Peru, not the U.S.

That was enough to trigger an American law that allows the government to kick out non-citizens who vote illegally, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled.

Elections in the United States are governed by a complicated mix of federal, state, and municipal election laws. As a rule, noncitizens are prohibited from voting and are subject to criminal penalties if they do.:

The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA) requires that persons registering to vote in federal elections affirm that they are United States Citizens. Failure to do so is a crime punishable under the following statutes:

  • Pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 611, it is a crime – punishable by a fine and up to one year in prison – for an alien to vote in a federal election.
  • Pursuant to 8 U.S.C. § 1227, any alien who has voted in violation of any Federal, State, or local constitutional provision, statute, ordinance, or regulation is deportable.
  • Pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1973gg-10(2) any false statement concerning an applicant’s citizenship status that is made on a registration form submitted to election authorities is a crime.
  • Pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 911 knowing and willful false assertions of United States citizenship in order to vote are punishable by up to three years in prison.
  • Pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 1015(f) it is a criminal offense for an individual to make a false statement or claim that he or she is a citizen of the United States in order to register or to vote.” [1]

The Election Integrity Commission will resume its work in September, now that the frivolous lawsuits against it are, one by one, being dismissed. The most recent case is in New Hampshire, where the American Civil Liberties Union has dropped a case over sharing publicly available voter information with the commission. The Granite State compromised and will comply. More states are beginning to come around.





[4} Public Interest Legal Foundation/Virginia Voters Alliance, Alien Invasion in Virginia: The Discovery and Coverup of Noncitizen Registration and Voting (September 2016), available at: and Brendan Kirby, Illegal Alien Voters Uncovered in Philly Are “Tip of the Iceberg,” Lifezette October 5, 2016, available at:

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La Raza confronts Pelosi

Yesterday’s attack on Nancy Pelosi was an organized effort having nothing to do with the so called ‘dreamers.’ The chants, and response chants, shouted in unison, are reminiscent of the carefully crafted radical socialist demonstrations sponsored by La Raza in the late 60s and early 70s. The only thing missing was the Mexican flag.

Image result for picture of a confused pelosi

La Raza is a front organization of the ‘reconquista’ movement. The reconquista movement wants  the U.S. to return the American southwest to Mexico. Were La Raza successful in their efforts the southwest would revert to a third world status on par with Mexico, a corrupt third world narco-state.

What happened yesterday to Nancy Pelosi is a harbinger of events to come, the results of a foolish sympathy by the democrats who’ve set themselves up for confrontation by a subversive movement. The democrats inability, when they had the congressional majority in the first years of the Obama administration, prove they’re part of the corporate agenda to keep illegals in poverty and as economic slaves to the corporate bottom line.

The establishment democrats and republicans have no desire to go against the corporate interests whose lobbyists who line their pockets. To anyone with the ability to critically analyze the true intentions of the corporate establishment elites, and their toadies on both sides of the aisles, it is apparent we are all being played. The question – for how much longer? WFM

Nancy Pelosi leaves press conference after being shouted down by undocumented immigrants protesting talks with Trump

By Casey Noland, Mercury News – Bay Area News Group, September 18, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s recent closed-door talks with President Donald Trump have shaken up Washington, D.C., and led to a possible breakthrough on protecting young undocumented immigrants.

But Pelosi got a taste of the danger any California Democrat faces in getting too close to Trump when a group of angry young protesters hijacked her San Francisco news conference on Monday morning to denounce her negotiations with the president.

About 40 young protesters, including undocumented immigrants, surrounded her and unveiled protest banners as she prepared to discuss her work to pass the Dream Act in an event at College Track, an education nonprofit in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood.

Shouting at the top of their lungs, the protesters harangued Pelosi for using recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, known as Dreamers, as “bargaining chips” in negotiations with Trump, and for being “complicit” with stepped-up deportations under the eight years of the Obama administration.

“You met with Trump and you call that resistance?” they chanted. “This is what resistance looks like!”

Pelosi, who looked on uncomfortably from the middle of the protest, tried several times to talk with the demonstrators, telling them, “I totally agree with you.” But she barely got a few words in edgewise as they continued their call-and-response chants.

After about 30 minutes of ceaseless protest, Pelosi walked out the back door of the building, followed by Reps. Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, and Jared Huffman, D-San Rafael, who were also at the event.

The reception Pelosi received shows the difficult tightrope she’s walking when it comes to Trump, said Bruce Cain, a Stanford political science professor: If she refuses to work with the president, she might not pass the Dream Act, which would protect young undocumented people brought to the U.S. illegally as children. But if she gets too close to Trump, she’ll face the wrath of liberal activists.

In recent weeks, Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., have held several meetings with Trump, and last week announced that they were making progress toward a deal that would involve passing the Dream Act in exchange for some border security measures. Any agreement would not include funding to build Trump’s signature policy goal, a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, the Democratic leaders stressed.

Many of the protesters said they opposed that deal, and others said that they opposed the Dream Act because it only covers about 800,000 of the roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. The bill would essentially replace provisions of the DACA program put in place by Obama, which Trump has said he will rescind within six months.

The original schedule for Pelosi’s event had included speeches by four Dreamers about their experiences, but none of them were able to speak amid the uproar.

“I understand their frustration — I’m excited by it, as a matter of fact — but the fact is they’re completely wrong,” Pelosi told reporters on the sidewalk outside the building, as protesters continued chanting inside. Democrats are fighting deportations, she said, and “we are determined to get Republican votes to pass the clean Dream Act.”

Pelosi said she has to negotiate with the president because “Trump has the signature. Basically our conversation with Trump is, ‘We don’t want to hear about anything that you may want to do unless we have shared values around the Dreamers.’ That’s our threshold.”

“I wish (the protesters) would channel some of that energy into the Republican districts so we can pass the Dream Act,” she added.

Protesters said in interviews after the event that they were worried Pelosi’s negotiations with Trump would lead to increasing militarization of the border, or stricter enforcement of immigration laws against undocumented people who weren’t protected by DACA.

“It should be the cleanest bill possible,” said David Buenrostro, 26, a DACA recipient from Oakland. He said the Dream Act shouldn’t be passed “at the expense of our parents or other community members who aren’t necessarily DACA recipients or shielded from deportation.”

“We took over the press conference because it has been so long that we haven’t been at the table,” Buenrostro said. “They should have input from our community.”

Other immigrant rights leaders were frustrated with the young protesters’ tactics, especially at a critical time for Congressional action. “I don’t think it’s productive to be attacking people who have supported Dreamers and immigration justice for years,” said Mark Silverman, an attorney with the Immigrant Legal Resource Center in San Francisco.

A poll by the Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies released last week found that a plurality of California Democrats think someone else should lead House Democrats after the 2018 election — 44 percent said Pelosi should go if Democrats retake the House, while 50 percent said she should go if Democrats don’t retake it.

A Berkeley poll in March found that a bipartisan majority of Californians support immigration reform that gives undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship.

Pelosi isn’t the only longtime California Democratic leader facing anger from the party base: Sen. Dianne Feinstein has also been heckled at recent Bay Area appearances for her refusal to resist Trump’s administration at every turn.

“Nancy’s just not going to go that direction of ideological purity over winning, because she has an obligation as leader to try to look out for the party as a whole,” Cain, the Stanford professor, said. “It’s another of many signs that the Democratic Party really has a challenge to hold its ranks together.”

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Hollywood: Hypocracy and Illusion

To those of use with the ability to critically analyze the hypocritical hyperbole on display at last nights Emmy awards – it was just another day in the ‘hood.’

Most of Hollywood’s elites, engaged in spewing hate and divisiveness against those who don’t agree with them, are privileged beyond 99 % of the rest of the world. It might be thought that their pathetic vitriol is an intended to deflect from their privileged status, and in some way show their solidarity with the rest of the world who slug out their miserable lives, day after day.


Most in Hollywood’s ranks of ignorant loud mouths have minimal education and lack any ability to critical thought. Steven Colbert, a legend in his own mind, believes he has his finger on the pulse of mainstream America with whom he has nothing in  common.  Colbert’s snarky opinions, and  those of his fellows, in my opinion, ring hollow, vain attempts at relevancy with those who don’t share their bourgeois privilege….WFM


Emmys TV Review: Donald Trump Overkill Stains Stephen Colbert’s Hosting Debut

By Dominick Patten,, September 17, 2017

Stephen Colbert was the host of the 69th annual Primetime Emmy Awards on CBStonight, and The Handmaid’s Tale was a big winner. But it was Donald Trump who was more often in the spotlight in a case of glaring overkill.

“In a way, this is all your fault,” Colbert, the host of CBS’ Late Show, told the well-heeled crowd early on at the Microsoft Theatre of Trump’s rise to the White House — because the ex-Celebrity Apprentice host was denied an Emmy win back in the day. As he has said in the past few weeks and night after viewership-topping late-night, Colbert was quick to reiterate his belief Sunday that Trump is the biggest TV star around. Following that up with a weak gag about last year’s record low ratings, the POTUS attacks went on as former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer made a surprise roll-on to the CBS-broadcast show with a portable podium and a slew of untruths.

There had been rumors dribbling this week that a big political stunt was in the works for tonight’s ceremony, with Hillary Clinton and a Game of Thrones stunt getting the most buzz. The ex-Secretary of State did not show up, but got a shout-out for her “grace” in the first half-hour of the show from Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon during her Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series win. Alec Baldwin’s hit at Trump finally getting an Emmy in his Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series win, and using looking like the President being a form of birth control, just piled it on.

Yes, The Handmaid’s Tale and its lead Elisabeth Moss, This Is Us‘ Sterling K Brown, Nicole Kidman and HBO’s Big Little Lies, and Veep were among the big winners for the shindig. But starting with Colbert hitting the stage Sunday with the Handmaids from that winning Hulu show based on Margaret Atwood’s novel, Trump was the Mocked-in-Chief again and again, from the opening song and on and on.

From his days on The Daily Show to the heights of CBS’ late-night, Colbert is a total pro and has gotten plenty of traction out of the 45th President of the United States, but the 2017 Emmys could have used a lot less Trump and a lot more spontaneity. That deftness would be a requirement if the show wanted to put up a real fight against the Green Bay Packers-Atlanta Falcons game in Week 2 of NBC’s Sunday Night Football — which, by the way, the Falcons were leading 34-10 by the time the more than three-hour Emmys concluded….Read more:

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Racism has lost it’s meaning


The Oxford English Dictionary‘s first recorded utterance of the word racism was by a man named Richard Henry Pratt in 1902. Pratt was railing against the evils of racial segregation.

“Segregating any class or race of people apart from the rest of the people kills the progress of the segregated people or makes their growth very slow. Association of races and classes is necessary to destroy racism and classism.”

Since Pratt first coined the term 115 years ago, the word ‘racism’ has become a useless descriptor over hyped by intellectually stunted academics, democrats and radical leftists who for use of a better term, are ridiculous parodies of angry cartoon characters. Racism has become a crutch for the left who’ve run out of cogent arguments.

John Bunzel, a former member of the US Commission on Civil Rights, wrote that President Clinton’s Advisory Board on Race should call for an end of the “corrupted usage” of the word “racist” especially when used as an “accusation” or “smear word” saying:

[It] breeds bitterness and polarization, not a spirit of pragmatic reasonableness in confronting our difficult problems. [1]

Thomas Sowell gave, in my opinion, the best commentary of the use of the word ‘racism’ saying: 

The word ‘racism’ is like ketchup. It can be put on practically anything – and demanding evidence makes you a ‘racist.’ [2]

The simple fact, for most people, the word has been used and abused for so long it’s become  no more than a banal exclamation for the inarticulate who have no credible argument when using the word. 

You will note than many times the word racist will be applied to conservative blacks by white liberals under the guise of attacking racism which makes no sense – but then it’s hard to make sense of anything the left says or does.

This false labeling used to describe anyone who disagrees with the radical left agenda is freely used by the mainstream media who seem enamored of the term whether its application is valid or not.

The mainstream media’s over use of the word expose their hidden racist agenda against blacks and other minorities intelligent enough to have opinions that do not coincide with that of the wealthy left liberal globalist elites who control the mainstream propaganda organs….WFMracism

[1] It’s time to put a moratorium on the word ‘racist’ – The Guardian –

[2]  Thomas Sowell’s quote on racism ––

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Trans apologists and gender confusion


Trans apologists, those who play into the strange world of gender confusion, are a challenge to the biological reality that nature only recognizes only two sexes – male and female. While it is true that gender confusion can be a result of DNA misfires in the womb, that does not qualify to an excuse that these misfires negate the idea of two sexes….WFM

DSD: Disorders of Sexual Developement

Image result for pictures fetus in the womb

In contrast to the ‘trans apologist’ agenda which seeks to deny natural sexual developement in the womb, a discipline called DSD, Disorders of Sex Developement’ is now being used to study how, or why gender in the womb can be confused on a physical and genetic level. [1]

Individuals with DSD may be born with ambiguous genitalia, or have sex chromosomes that don’t match their outward features. This could be because a gonad—that normally develops into an ovary or testicle—developed abnormally in response to hormone or genetic imbalances. Though many expectant parents don’t think about it, DSD occurs in approximately 1 out of every 4,500 to 5,000 births.

Take for example a baby girl born with normal outer genitalia. She has no family history of DSD and is growing well, within the healthy ranges for height and weight. At a year and a half old, she requires hernia repair. The surgery reveals internal testicular tissue.

Enter Dr. Naveen Uli, who uses genetic testing and ultrasound to reveal the baby girl has a chromosomal DSD and no uterus or ovaries. Although such a diagnosis can be shocking, Uli helps the family develop a plan to continue raising their daughter female. It includes surgery to remove the inactive, internal male gonads, and supplemental hormones later in life to induce puberty.

Other DSD cases are easier to recognize. But, they too require careful testing to inform treatment plans. Uli remembers a case of a baby born with partially male and female outer genitalia. The otherwise healthy baby left the hospital after birth without a gender while testing continued. When results came back, the data supported a male gender assignment. The care team worked with the family to follow-up with specific hormone therapy and reparative surgery before his first birthday. These cases and others were included in a recent review article by Uli entitled “Challenges in the diagnosis and management of disorders of sex development” to help guide families and care teams.  [2]

Transgender Debate: ‘Perils of the Gender Trap’

By Steven Watts, The National Review, April 6, 2017

Is sexual orientation ‘immutable,’ as Justice Kennedy wrote? Or does gender identity change by the day and hour? You see a pair of laughing eyes, and suddenly you’re sighing sighs. You’re thinking nothing’s wrong, you string along, boy, then snap. Those eyes, those sighs, they’re part of the tender trap. — “The Tender Trap,” sung by Frank Sinatra, written by Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn

You can bet that Ol’ Blue Eyes, with his fedora set at a rakish angle, coat slung casually over his shoulder, and a world-weary air, never saw this one coming. The very concept of male and female seems to be evaporating before our eyes as the nation suffers a collective trauma over the issue of gender identity.

On a daily, if not hourly, basis, the media and various activist groups bombard Americans with stories insisting that the ability to choose and pursue a gender of one’s choice has become the basic challenge of modern life. We are told that the constitutional right to such a choice is the civil-rights imperative of our time. We are lectured that the protection of such a choice has become an essential duty of the federal government. At a moment of death-spiraling health-insurance coverage, economic stagnation, looming Supreme Court choices, populist revolt against globalism, Great Power tension over trade and territory, and the jihadist threat to the United States and Western civilization, the sober-minded observer might be forgiven for paying little heed to the gender tempest in a teapot. But

Moreover, even though the notion of self-chosen gender has won much support from a political, media, and educational establishment, it is profoundly flawed. [3]

Read more:

[1] ‘Overview od Genetics’ – NCBI – – National Institute of Health

[2]  ‘When Sex Development Goes Awry’ –  Case Western Reserve Medical School –

[3]  Perils of the Gender Trap – National Review –

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Fed Judge rules against DOJ

On July 25, 2017, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced new stipulations as a means to ensure that local jurisdictions were cooperating with federal immigration agents and not working to shield illegal immigrants from deportation. The DOJ relase stated:

 “So-called ‘sanctuary’ policies make all of us less safe because they intentionally undermine our laws and protect illegal aliens who have committed crimes,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said. “These policies also encourage illegal immigration and even human trafficking by perpetuating the lie that in certain cities, illegal aliens can live outside the law. This can have tragic consequences, like the 10 deaths we saw in San Antonio this weekend. As part of accomplishing the Department of Justice’s top priority of reducing violent crime, we must encourage these ‘sanctuary’ jurisdictions to change their policies and partner with federal law enforcement to remove criminals. From now on, the Department will only provide Byrne JAG grants to cities and states that comply with federal law, allow federal immigration access to detention facilities, and provide 48 hours notice before they release an illegal alien wanted by federal authorities. This is consistent with long-established cooperative principles among law enforcement agencies. This is what the American people should be able to expect from their cities and states, and these long overdue requirements will help us take down MS-13 and other violent transnational gangs, and make our country safer.”     [1]

Federal Judge Harry Leinenweber ruled the DOJ cannot add stipulations to Byrne JAG block grants requests, not included in the original agreement between the DOJ and U.S.  cities.

“Judge Leinemweber issued a preliminary injunction that blocks the….DOJ….from enforcing….two requirements while the case is heard. He wrote that Chicago….who filed suit against the new DOJ requirements…. showed a likelihood of success in its arguments and that he believed the city would face irreparable harm if it was forced to comply with the grant conditions.”

In his 41-page ruling, the judge noted that Congress may have the power to impose such grant onditions or delegate the power to do so to the executive branch but that in the case of this grant, Congress has not explicitly conferred that authority. [2]

Image result for image of DOJ shield

Conditions of Bryne Block Grants:

“Byrne JAG funds may be used for state and local initiatives, technical assistance, strategic planning, research and evaluation (including forensics), data collection, training, personnel, equipment, forensic laboratories, supplies, contractual support, and criminal justice information systems that will improve or enhance the following program areas:

  • Law enforcement programs;
  • Prosecution and court programs, including indigent defense;
  • Prevention and education programs;
  • Corrections, community corrections and reentry programs;
  • Drug treatment and enforcement programs;
  • Planning, evaluation, and technology improvement programs
  • Crime victim and witness programs (other than compensation)
  • Mental health programs and services (added FY 17)

Because Byrne JAG is flexible, states and local communities are able to use the funding to address needs and fill gaps across the entire criminal justice system. This is a hallmark of the Byrne JAG program and one that is vitally important. See reports on the impact of Byrne JAG on the criminal justice system.” [3]

The judge’s ruling enjoinders the DOJ from “imposing a third grant condition, which requires that jurisdictions comply with section 1373 of Title 8 of the U.S. Code. That law prohibits state and local governments from restricting communications with federal immigration authorities “regarding the citizenship or immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of any individual.” 

The ruling blocks nationwide enforcement of two of the three new conditions the…DOJ….sought to impose on jurisdictions seeking funds through the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant, which doles out nearly $400 million to state and local agencies each year.

[1]   Department of Justice –

[2]  The Washington Times –

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Armed Mexican Cartel Entering U.S.

Armed Mexican cartel crews crossing the U.S. border is nothing new. Cartel gunmen have entered the U.S. on multiple occasions to enforce cartel edicts on suppliers as well as execute those dealers who’ve been holding back money from sales or have been identified as police informants. However, it is not only armed cartel members entering the U.S.

Image result for pictures of mexican cartel members

Mexican Federales looking for revenge on cartel connected dealers who have killed Federales in the course of police raids, or because of drug deals gone bad, enter the U.S. on a regular basis.

The DEA is well aware of Mexican cartel and Federale penetrations across our borders. However, if these crossings are not connected to their ongoing operations they do not get involved. To be fair DEA operatives do feed crumbs of intelligence to U.S. law enforcement if it benefit’s their operations.

Cartel operations still move forward despite DHS knowledge of their activities. This the perfect illustration of the failed ‘war on drugs.’ One of the prime reasons the cartel expansion is allowed to basically spread unhindered is trans national banks who make billions laundering cartel money.

The Guardian reported in 2011:  “During a 22-month investigation by agents from the US Drug Enforcement Administration, the Internal Revenue Service and others, it emerged that the cocaine smugglers had bought the plane with money they had laundered through one of the biggest banks in the United States: Wachovia, now part of the giant Wells Fargo. [1]

Authorities uncovered billions of dollars in wire transfers, traveller’s cheques and cash shipments through Mexican exchanges into Wachovia accounts. Wachovia was put under immediate investigation for failing to maintain an effective anti-money laundering programme. Of special significance was that the period concerned began in 2004, which coincided with the first escalation of violence along the US-Mexico border that ignited the current drugs war.

Criminal proceedings were brought against Wachovia, though not against any individual, but the case never came to court. In March 2010, Wachovia settled the biggest action brought under the US bank secrecy act, through the US district court in Miami. Now that the year’s “deferred prosecution” has expired, the bank is in effect in the clear. It paid federal authorities $110m in forfeiture, for allowing transactions later proved to be connected to drug smuggling, and incurred a $50m fine for failing to monitor cash used to ship 22 tons of cocaine.

More shocking, and more important, the bank was sanctioned for failing to apply the proper anti-laundering strictures to the transfer of $378.4bn – a sum equivalent to one-third of Mexico’s gross national product – into dollar accounts from so-called casas de cambio (CDCs) in Mexico, currency exchange houses with which the bank did business.

Wachovia was acquired by Wells Fargo during the 2008 crash, just as Wells Fargo became a beneficiary of $25 billion in taxpayers’ money. Wachovia’s prosecutors were clear, however, that there was no suggestion Wells Fargo had behaved improperly; it had co-operated fully with the investigation. Mexico is the US’s third largest international trading partner and Wachovia was understandably interested in this volume of legitimate trade.

José Luis Marmolejo, who prosecuted those running one of the casas de cambio at the Mexican end, said: “Wachovia handled all the transfers. They never reported any as suspicious.”

“As early as 2004, Wachovia understood the risk,” the bank admitted in the statement of settlement with the federal government, but, “despite these warnings, Wachovia remained in the business”. There is, of course, the legitimate use of CDCs as a way into the Hispanic market. In 2005 the World Bank said that Mexico was receiving $8.1bn in remittances.

During research into the Wachovia Mexican case, the Observer obtained documents previously provided to financial regulators. It emerged that the alarm that was ignored came from, among other places, London, as a result of the diligence of one of the most important whistleblowers of our time. A man who, in a series of interviews with the Observer, adds detail to the documents, laying bare the story of how Wachovia was at the centre of one of the world’s biggest money-laundering operations.

‘Read more: [1]


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Sanders Canadian style healthcare

Sanders promoting a single payer system displays a blatant ignorance of economics and the inability to understand single payer system is a prescription for disaster.

One only need look to Canada  where everyone shares the same access to a stunted version of healthcare. CTV News reported wait times for doctors appointments in the Canadian healthcare system sometimes takes up to 20 weeks….more than doubled the wait times in 1993.  [1]

Image result for cartoons about socialist healthcare

“The Fraser Institute, a Canadian public policy think tank, estimates that 52,513 Canadians received non-emergency medical treatment in the U.S. and other countries in 2014, a 25 percent jump from the roughly 41,838 who sought medical care abroad the previous year.

In citing those numbers in its 2015 report, “Leaving Canada for Medical Care,” the organization said difficulties in obtaining timely medical care at home is, increasingly, leading Canadians to seek it abroad. “It is possible [they] may have left the country to avoid some of the adverse medical consequences of waiting for care, such as worsening of their condition, poorer outcomes following treatment, disability, or death,” the report says. “Some may leave simply to avoid delay and to make a quicker return to normal life.” [2]

The Huffington Post, in an article in 2014 reported, “Protracted wait times may also result in potentially treatable illnesses and injuries becoming chronic, permanent, debilitating conditions. In such circumstances, requiring patients to accept inordinately long waiting times, without the opportunity to seek alternative treatment denies them their basic human right to lead healthy lives (as recognized by the Supreme Court in 2005).” [3]

Looking at the Canadian socialized, ie, single payer, healthcare system, one might, should they have the ability to critically analyze the deadly consequences of a single payer system, realize that the single payer system is nothing more than a death watch  for those unable to receive adequate medical care. 

The one thing Sanders fails to mention, is that politicans and the establishment elites will not have to participate and therefore never have to suffer the potentially deadly consequences of a single payer system….WFM





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