Obama’s Legacy a Leftist Inurgency

Obama’s legacy will be remembered as a radical leftist insurgency when history finally lists his failed attempts to radically change our constitutional republic into a totalitarian socialist state.

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Obama’s actions from the start was, in the minds of critical thinkers, suspect by his past action, intentions and associations. Barack Obama was something more than presented by the democrats.

One need look at his past starting with his upbringing by his mother, a confused globe-trotting leftist dreamer and his grandparents, known card-carrying communists.

Frank Marshal Davis, a known pedophile and communist fellow traveler, and friend of Obama’s grandparents was tasked with tutoring the young Barack Obama in radical leftist ideology in his early years.

The list of associations over Obama’s lifetime ran from unrepentant  radical terrorists Bill Ayers and his fellow female terrorist, Bernadette Dorn. Obama attended the church of Reverend Wright, a vile race baitor and hater of white America.

Obama’s association with his chief his counselor Valerie Jarrett herself a known radical socialist should have sent up red flags.  FBI files, obtained by Judicial Watch, details the Jarrett family as hardline communists. [1]

Barack Obama, not content to follow the lead of former Presidents and leave Washington, has stayed behind to lead an underground movement to unseat the President. Obama’s latest claim, as reported in the Washington Times this morning, titled “‘Thanks, Obama!’ Former president credits himself for strong economy,” boasting that President Trump’s economic successes so far, are a result of his (Barack Obama) presidency.   [2]

We might add as a postscript,  Barack Obama displays all the traits of a malignant narcissist as evidenced by this latest attempt to claim President Trump’s economic successes as his own despite spending the eight failed  years of his presidency where he almost destroyed to our economy. To quote President Trump’s – ‘so sad.’

[1]  https://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/2015/06/communism-in-jarretts-family/

[2]  https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/dec/6/thanks-obama-former-president-credits-himself-stro/


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