The NFL in ‘league’ with George Soros

The NFL has finally moved over to the dark side, putting itself in ‘league’ with George Soros.

The idea that a cabal of rich white guys being held hostage by a group of over paid, otherwise unemployable idiots, is just another milestone in the leftist agenda to destroy our republic under the guise of “social justice.”

The concept of ‘social justice, is defined by the left as, “a concept of fair and just relations between the individual and society.” [1]

Social justice, in reality, might better be defined as, ” distribution of advantages  and disadvantages within a society.” [2]

However, the left’s co-op of the term means something else, a blatant attack on our culture in favor of a socialist replacement where idiots, and faux academics, like everyone else, would be oppressed by the natural evolution of socialist policies – a totalitarian themed central authority.

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Free speech, silly liberal ideas and free agency, (individuality), which if allowed, would be controlled by that central authority. Those rich white guys who control the NFL would also be subject to the dictates of a concept that has been corrupted and bastardized by the left.

George Soros, a master manipulator, is in the mix for nothing less that personal gain and unlimited power to loot our country’s wealth. If there is in fact were really social justice, Soros would be rotting in some hell hole prison – but who said life is fair?

NFL bows to player protests, will dole out millions to Soros-linked social-justice groups

Players Coalition reportedly strikes $89 million deal with NFL team owners

 – The Washington Times – Monday, December 4, 2017

Plagued by sagging ratings, player protests and fan outrage, the NFL has thrown a political Hail Mary by reportedly agreeing to dole out millions of dollars to two social justice groups connected to Democratic billionaire George Soros.

Under an agreement with the Players CoalitionNFL owners plan to funnel tens of millions of dollars to the Dream Corps, a leftist advocacy group led by former Obama adviser Van Jones and linked to Mr. Soros, which has called for saving the Clean Power Plan, cutting the prison population by half and providing “sanctuary for all.”

The $89 million, seven-year deal also carves out millions of dollars for the Players Coalition, according to ESPN, which has been advised by Soros-funded groups such as the Campaign for Fair Sentencing of Youth and the Center for American Progress, a leader of the anti-Trump “resistance.”

NFL spokesman Joseph Lockhart stressed Monday that there has been no final decision on the agreement.

“No decisions have been made on where the money will go yet, much less all the money over the next 7 years,” Mr. Lockhart said in an email. “Those decisions will be made by the working group that has not been formed yet.”

Still, there is no guarantee that the hefty payout will solve the league’s public relations woes.




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  1. petermc3 says:

    You ain’t seen nuthin yet, just wait for the next summer olympics games. Knee pads will be part of the American olympic team’s issued gear.

  2. petermc3 says:

    Im sending this link to another site.

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