George Soros inspired insurgency


George Soros, to those  with any ability to critically evaluate the systemic leftist rot undermining our republic, has been working for years to undermine and destroy our republic. Leftist inspired pundits and corrupt DC politicians, bought and paid for by Soros, are for the most part, totally blind to Soros’s real agenda, profit. Soros is no leftist. He is a billionaire whose actions, intended to bring down established social structures in a variety of countries, are well documented. Currency manipulation and stock fraud are the cornerstone of his agenda.  

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Soros, profiled in the August 23, 1993 cover story of Business Week entitled “The Man Who Moves Markets,” paints the picture of an investor whose manipulation of the press is matched only his ability to manipulate his financial empire. Soros’s wealth is a result of  destabilizing currencies on the global market.

Soros penchant for financial malfeasance first came into public notice in 1977 when Soros was charged with stock manipulation. Unfortunately details of the whole affair seems not to be available in open source venues. However, Soros signed a consent decree neither admitting or denying guilt. The plaintiff, Fletcher Jones Foundation, an Australian Corporation, settled for $1 million dollars from Soros. Perhaps his most brash move was taking on the Bank of England in

September of 1992 an attempt that almost crashed the British pound.  Soros leveraged the entire $1 billion value of his fund, and was able to take a $10 billion position against the pound. The $10 billion bet against them was the final blow, causing the government to announce devaluation. All told, Soros made $2 billion in profits on the trade, tripling the value of his fund, at the expense of the British government. He bet against Asian currencies in 1997 and the peso in 1994. Asia is still recovering from its currency crisis courtesy of George Soros.





In 2002 Soros is caught once again, this time in France, convicted of insider trading by the French court for a deal involving French bank Société Générale. Soros was fined $ 2.25 million dollars.

2009 Soros was at it again, this time in Hungary. The PSzAF, the Hungarian financial market regulator fined Soros Fund Management, $ 2.2 million dollars for attempting to manipulate the stock of Hungary’s largest bank.

Without a global network and precise timing to rely on, Soros could never have pulled such an extreme trade. The lesson is not to stop the development of global networks or inhibit technology growth, but to be aware of the new opportunities available to the most aggressive investors. Such assaults are clearly not in the best interests of the nations involved (Asia is still recovering from its currency crisis), and some sort of world leadership is needed to prevent individuals from destabilizing governments for their own profit.

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