Casting Couch Friday….

Casting Couch Friday was a mainstay on the Universal Production lot prior to the studio being purchased by Edgar Bronfman, who upon finding out about this pernicious activity, put an end to it. It is safe to say that the Universal lot was not the only venue where these disgusting creeps like Harvey Weinstein thrived on taking advantage of those who would prostitute themselves for a carreer in Hollywood.

Casting Couch Friday went like this. In the late afternoon hookers, wannabe actresses and known actors showed up for their Friday ‘appointments’ in the producers building located just inside the main gate. The joke was that a person selling kneepads outside the gate would make a fortune.

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I along with a number of ex law enforcement were hired for a new executive protection detail when Bronfman took over the studio. Our duties put us in contact with many of the people now being mentioned in the current Weinstein scandal.

Those whose only knowledge of the industry extends to celebrity magazines, late night talk shows and favorite movies, haven’t a clue of what goes on behind the scenes where those pathetic creatures looking for fame and fortune in Hollywood, will do anything to get a part in a movie or TV show.

It is not only the ‘wannabe’s who throw themselves to the industry wolves. Serious established actors and actresses mentioned in the ongoing Weinstein scandal, are just a few of those who sold their soul to Weinstein and his fellow creeps who control the industry.

With all this said, Weinstein is at this point, the only one exposed for his corrupt practice of collecting people’s souls for profit. We can only hope for more of these cockroaches are finally exposed.

However, don’t count on it, too many power players are involved with too much to lose, they will not let it happen….WFM

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