Sunday Night NFL ratings down

Sunday night football ratings down –  Not a surprise. Sunday night football was once used a mainstay for many households, until left liberal politics inserted themselves into the game. NFL players who bended knee in disrespect of our flag and anthem have more than angered fans. They have made a joke of the game.  Simply, neither they or the NFL understand, no one cares or wants to hear what these bubbleheads have to say – Fans want football, not distractions.

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Those buffoons who kneeled in protest of our national anthem and flag have taken too many head shots, making them unable to see they are nothing more than convenient stooges of the left.

One of the most egregious displays of disrespect of our country happened in London when the Ravens and Jaguars kneeled for our anthem and stood for the British national anthem – their fans should be embarrassed by these ignorant buffoons childish behavior.

We have, over the last few decades, seen a deterioration in patriotic attitude, compliments of a leftist penetration of our educational system, whose intent is to destroy the traditions that hold us together.

Divisiveness, compliments of political correctness, seems slowly taking hold, courtesy of the democrats and leftist mainstream media propaganda outlets like The New York Times, CNN and ESPN to name a few.

The socialist progenitors of our current political situation do not accept any opposition critical to their agenda. This agenda, now somewhat seemingly benign, will in the end, if successful,  destroy our once free society.

Liberal democrats, and some in the GOP, elected to protect our freedoms, stand idly but as the left slowly undermines and destroy our freedoms. The NFL owners and players are engaged in a dangerous game, their reputation and bottom line are now in danger – lets see if their greed wins out over political correctness….WFM



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One Response to Sunday Night NFL ratings down

  1. Petermc3 says:

    The vaunted “he man” image of the NFL player has been reduced to useful idiot and coward. It is refreshing though witnessing the self righteous, self serving miserly rich Whitman owners commuting financial suicide while kneeling before the alter of white hatred and resentment. Well NFL, the jig is up- pun intended!

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