America First – Why Not?

America First, President Trump’s battle cry, is a reasonable concept for self-preservation that runs counter to the current seditious behavior of the globalist inspired, deep state insurgency. The left, democrats and various other left liberal pundits, are horrified that President Trump could put forth what they falsely consider, a divisive narrative. However, the left liberals, democrats, and the leftist mainstream media, are so mired in their weak affectation of political correctness they are unable to accept the reality of the President’s narrative.

Were you to confront the ‘anti’ America First zealots you would be met with furious blank stares having no depth or comprehension of reason.

The left is too numb to realize that every other sovereign entity on  the planet, put their own countries first. Their arguments against the concept of America first ring weak, and hollow. The argument that America First is a policy of isolationism is false.

President Trump, unlike the pre-WWII isolationists, has put forth an agenda of working hand in hand with other nations to work for not only our benfit but also to theirs.

We might  also rightly assume opponents of the President’s agenda to put America First,  are nothing more than weak-minded shills of the globalist elites dedicated to destroying our republic for their own gain of uncontrolled power and profit.

With all said, those against putting our country first, might well be considered seditious at best. My opinion, they are descendants of every generation that has helped destroy nations and empires. Simply put, they are the enemy within waiting to throw open the gates to the globalist barbarians who would plunder and destroy our great nation….WFM

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Opinion: Ten arguments in favor of Donald Trump – Excerpts….

By Ines Pohl, – Correspondant,  May 5, 2016

1. Donald Trump is not Hillary Clinton

This may seem self-evident, but it is a fact that the former secretary of state and first lady is simply not electable for many Americans – and that’s not limited to Republican voters: Plenty of independents and Democrats also view her as a deeply problematic candidate. Clinton stands for an almost dynastic interpretation of America’s political elite. What’s more, anyone who has held public office for as long as she has, by definition has also made lots of mistakes. And those mistakes are now being used against her.

Clinton’s biggest problem is highlighted by the so-called email scandal she is embroiled in: The arrogance of power by which she claims privileges for herself. If Clinton had apologized loud and clear early on, the issue would been resolved long ago. But let’s not forget that sexism also plays an important role why Clinton, who also served successfully as Senator from New York, is disliked by many.

2. Donald Trump speaks in a way people can understand

While much of what he says doesn’t make sense and he can easily contradict himself several times in one sentence, Trump talks in way that everyone with a reasonable command of English can understand. There is no need to get out a dictionary or try to follow complicated sentence structures. And because people comprehend what he is saying, they feel connected and taken seriously.

3. People believe him

At first glance this doesn’t seem to make sense. But precisely because Trump contradicts himself constantly and offers diverging views on one and the same topic, many people feel that he is simply being honest.

In a campaign in which many statements are geared toward very specific voter groups, many people deem authenticity more important than sophisticated electoral concepts that often seem generic and starchy.

4. Trump’s economic success is clearly visible

New details emerge almost daily showing that the business ventures of the so-called New York real estate tycoon are not as successful as Trump makes them out to be. So far, however, those reports have not damaged his narrative of a successful businessman

who simply gets things done. One reason is because his mostly inherited wealth is clearly visible on his golf courses, in his casinos or his pompous Trump Towers.

5. Trump is not afraid of making enemies

His rants, his insults, his gaffes serve as living proof for many that Trump is not afraid to make enemies. This is seen by many as sign of strength, especially as it relates to pushing American interests on the global stage. Many of his supporters do not curse nor do they insult women. But they still regard Trump’s behavior as a sign of strength that they seek in a leader. What’s more, many may also relish the fact that someone can finally break out of the tightly woven net of etiquette and social rules in a country made up of so many diverse cultures and religions all of which have to somehow get along.

6. Trump has backbone and emotions

No one expects well thought out and coherent plans from Donald Trump. Instead he offers grand gestures and lofty visions to alleviate the worries and anxieties of his supporters. Trump provides an emotional home for all those who define themselves primarily by excluding and contrasting themselves against others. It is precisely this feeling of belonging that many yearn for in a globalized world. They don’t want questions or calls to engage and stake out their own role in this new world, instead they prefer simple answers and solutions.

7. Everything should stay the way it never was

Donald Trump’s dream of making America as great as it was in the past has at its core the rejection of accepting that we live in a completely globalized world. This stance makes Trump unique in this campaign as he is the only one offering people an antidote to the fear of change. His simple slogan “Let’s make America great again” is the perfect banner under which all those can assemble who can no longer cope with the radical changes affecting modern society. And this includes the many Americans who justifiably worry about the breakdown of high living standards enjoyed in many Western countries. Donald Trump is the perfect personification of the rejection of globalization. His infamous notion of a wall on the border with Mexico has become the bizarre symbol of this stance.

8. Donald Trump is the answer to the development of the Republican Party

Since the late 1970s the Republican Party has evolved in a way that has alienated many traditional voters. Trump’s rise is the response to this development.

Ultimately, Trump was only made possible by the GOP’s anti-government stance and its strong focus on supporting the country’s economic elite. The traditional voters – the white middle class – have suffered under the GOP’s tack toward globalization and its low-wage policy has only exacerbated the competition with immigrants. This extremism has weakened the traditional conservative values of Abraham Lincoln’s party and created Trump.

9. Last chance for the white man

For the Democrats the white middle class no longer plays a key role. The Republicans, however, must win over this voter segment in order to have any chance of winning this year. In any case, the demographic changes – by 2050 at the latest there will be a non-white majority – will make the white voter segment increasingly less important as a whole. That’s why this election could well be one of the last polls in which the white middle-aged middle class male wields this much influence. And Donald Trump, like no other candidate, has been able address their aspirations, fears and hopes for his own benefit.

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8 Responses to America First – Why Not?

  1. Marc Phillips says:

    There will never be globalism, china and Russia, two of three superpowers will never join

  2. Sharion Hayes says:

    We want to keep our freedom and worship our God. Without this GREAT president, we’d be in real trouble folks. Joining a bunch of people that are giving away true values to be part of a group is STUPID.

  3. Egon Speneder says:

    Thank you Donald Trump! Ever since the U.N. was formed, the concept of a “One World Government” was peppered in the speeches of various political leaders. The Council on Foreign Relations was always posting this agenda in their publications. The Trilateral Commission was another who constantly used this term for the panacea of where things are headed or we are doomed! The reality is that the world is made up of many cultures and diverse groups. Any single military, police State that would dominate the whole world would in a short time become corrupt and dictatorial in its nature. None of us want to live in an “Orwellian” Society. Seperate, Nations who have the freedom of self determination nurtured by intercontinental trade and benefits, with sovereign powers over its own military and governance is the only deterrent to a Global dictatorial nightmare!

  4. Egon Speneder says:

    This is exactly why states refuse to give voting records to investigators and how all these communists and traitors are planted inside our government.

  5. Jose Alovera Dureza says:

    A president who got it right.. your people first and not being shy about it.

  6. Ron Russell says:

    Makes me PROUD to be an American. Finally someone puts this country above all things first.No greed,no lies,but first. God Bless Trump.

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