Hollywood: Hypocracy and Illusion

To those of use with the ability to critically analyze the hypocritical hyperbole on display at last nights Emmy awards – it was just another day in the ‘hood.’

Most of Hollywood’s elites, engaged in spewing hate and divisiveness against those who don’t agree with them, are privileged beyond 99 % of the rest of the world. It might be thought that their pathetic vitriol is an intended to deflect from their privileged status, and in some way show their solidarity with the rest of the world who slug out their miserable lives, day after day.


Most in Hollywood’s ranks of ignorant loud mouths have minimal education and lack any ability to critical thought. Steven Colbert, a legend in his own mind, believes he has his finger on the pulse of mainstream America with whom he has nothing in  common.  Colbert’s snarky opinions, and  those of his fellows, in my opinion, ring hollow, vain attempts at relevancy with those who don’t share their bourgeois privilege….WFM


Emmys TV Review: Donald Trump Overkill Stains Stephen Colbert’s Hosting Debut

By Dominick Patten, deadline.com, September 17, 2017

Stephen Colbert was the host of the 69th annual Primetime Emmy Awards on CBStonight, and The Handmaid’s Tale was a big winner. But it was Donald Trump who was more often in the spotlight in a case of glaring overkill.

“In a way, this is all your fault,” Colbert, the host of CBS’ Late Show, told the well-heeled crowd early on at the Microsoft Theatre of Trump’s rise to the White House — because the ex-Celebrity Apprentice host was denied an Emmy win back in the day. As he has said in the past few weeks and night after viewership-topping late-night, Colbert was quick to reiterate his belief Sunday that Trump is the biggest TV star around. Following that up with a weak gag about last year’s record low ratings, the POTUS attacks went on as former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer made a surprise roll-on to the CBS-broadcast show with a portable podium and a slew of untruths.

There had been rumors dribbling this week that a big political stunt was in the works for tonight’s ceremony, with Hillary Clinton and a Game of Thrones stunt getting the most buzz. The ex-Secretary of State did not show up, but got a shout-out for her “grace” in the first half-hour of the show from Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon during her Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series win. Alec Baldwin’s hit at Trump finally getting an Emmy in his Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series win, and using looking like the President being a form of birth control, just piled it on.

Yes, The Handmaid’s Tale and its lead Elisabeth Moss, This Is Us‘ Sterling K Brown, Nicole Kidman and HBO’s Big Little Lies, and Veep were among the big winners for the shindig. But starting with Colbert hitting the stage Sunday with the Handmaids from that winning Hulu show based on Margaret Atwood’s novel, Trump was the Mocked-in-Chief again and again, from the opening song and on and on.

From his days on The Daily Show to the heights of CBS’ late-night, Colbert is a total pro and has gotten plenty of traction out of the 45th President of the United States, but the 2017 Emmys could have used a lot less Trump and a lot more spontaneity. That deftness would be a requirement if the show wanted to put up a real fight against the Green Bay Packers-Atlanta Falcons game in Week 2 of NBC’s Sunday Night Football — which, by the way, the Falcons were leading 34-10 by the time the more than three-hour Emmys concluded….Read more: 


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  1. Angelina Deluna says:

    So true! Their hate and delusion is unbelievable. They only make fools of themselves. I am glad they are not happy regardless of how many fake awards they get, Our President still comands their little brains MAGA! Winning!!!!!!

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