Trans apologists and gender confusion


Trans apologists, those who play into the strange world of gender confusion, are a challenge to the biological reality that nature only recognizes only two sexes – male and female. While it is true that gender confusion can be a result of DNA misfires in the womb, that does not qualify to an excuse that these misfires negate the idea of two sexes….WFM

DSD: Disorders of Sexual Developement

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In contrast to the ‘trans apologist’ agenda which seeks to deny natural sexual developement in the womb, a discipline called DSD, Disorders of Sex Developement’ is now being used to study how, or why gender in the womb can be confused on a physical and genetic level. [1]

Individuals with DSD may be born with ambiguous genitalia, or have sex chromosomes that don’t match their outward features. This could be because a gonad—that normally develops into an ovary or testicle—developed abnormally in response to hormone or genetic imbalances. Though many expectant parents don’t think about it, DSD occurs in approximately 1 out of every 4,500 to 5,000 births.

Take for example a baby girl born with normal outer genitalia. She has no family history of DSD and is growing well, within the healthy ranges for height and weight. At a year and a half old, she requires hernia repair. The surgery reveals internal testicular tissue.

Enter Dr. Naveen Uli, who uses genetic testing and ultrasound to reveal the baby girl has a chromosomal DSD and no uterus or ovaries. Although such a diagnosis can be shocking, Uli helps the family develop a plan to continue raising their daughter female. It includes surgery to remove the inactive, internal male gonads, and supplemental hormones later in life to induce puberty.

Other DSD cases are easier to recognize. But, they too require careful testing to inform treatment plans. Uli remembers a case of a baby born with partially male and female outer genitalia. The otherwise healthy baby left the hospital after birth without a gender while testing continued. When results came back, the data supported a male gender assignment. The care team worked with the family to follow-up with specific hormone therapy and reparative surgery before his first birthday. These cases and others were included in a recent review article by Uli entitled “Challenges in the diagnosis and management of disorders of sex development” to help guide families and care teams.  [2]

Transgender Debate: ‘Perils of the Gender Trap’

By Steven Watts, The National Review, April 6, 2017

Is sexual orientation ‘immutable,’ as Justice Kennedy wrote? Or does gender identity change by the day and hour? You see a pair of laughing eyes, and suddenly you’re sighing sighs. You’re thinking nothing’s wrong, you string along, boy, then snap. Those eyes, those sighs, they’re part of the tender trap. — “The Tender Trap,” sung by Frank Sinatra, written by Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn

You can bet that Ol’ Blue Eyes, with his fedora set at a rakish angle, coat slung casually over his shoulder, and a world-weary air, never saw this one coming. The very concept of male and female seems to be evaporating before our eyes as the nation suffers a collective trauma over the issue of gender identity.

On a daily, if not hourly, basis, the media and various activist groups bombard Americans with stories insisting that the ability to choose and pursue a gender of one’s choice has become the basic challenge of modern life. We are told that the constitutional right to such a choice is the civil-rights imperative of our time. We are lectured that the protection of such a choice has become an essential duty of the federal government. At a moment of death-spiraling health-insurance coverage, economic stagnation, looming Supreme Court choices, populist revolt against globalism, Great Power tension over trade and territory, and the jihadist threat to the United States and Western civilization, the sober-minded observer might be forgiven for paying little heed to the gender tempest in a teapot. But

Moreover, even though the notion of self-chosen gender has won much support from a political, media, and educational establishment, it is profoundly flawed. [3]

Read more:

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