Sanders Canadian style healthcare

Sanders promoting a single payer system displays a blatant ignorance of economics and the inability to understand single payer system is a prescription for disaster.

One only need look to Canada  where everyone shares the same access to a stunted version of healthcare. CTV News reported wait times for doctors appointments in the Canadian healthcare system sometimes takes up to 20 weeks….more than doubled the wait times in 1993.  [1]

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“The Fraser Institute, a Canadian public policy think tank, estimates that 52,513 Canadians received non-emergency medical treatment in the U.S. and other countries in 2014, a 25 percent jump from the roughly 41,838 who sought medical care abroad the previous year.

In citing those numbers in its 2015 report, “Leaving Canada for Medical Care,” the organization said difficulties in obtaining timely medical care at home is, increasingly, leading Canadians to seek it abroad. “It is possible [they] may have left the country to avoid some of the adverse medical consequences of waiting for care, such as worsening of their condition, poorer outcomes following treatment, disability, or death,” the report says. “Some may leave simply to avoid delay and to make a quicker return to normal life.” [2]

The Huffington Post, in an article in 2014 reported, “Protracted wait times may also result in potentially treatable illnesses and injuries becoming chronic, permanent, debilitating conditions. In such circumstances, requiring patients to accept inordinately long waiting times, without the opportunity to seek alternative treatment denies them their basic human right to lead healthy lives (as recognized by the Supreme Court in 2005).” [3]

Looking at the Canadian socialized, ie, single payer, healthcare system, one might, should they have the ability to critically analyze the deadly consequences of a single payer system, realize that the single payer system is nothing more than a death watch  for those unable to receive adequate medical care. 

The one thing Sanders fails to mention, is that politicans and the establishment elites will not have to participate and therefore never have to suffer the potentially deadly consequences of a single payer system….WFM





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3 Responses to Sanders Canadian style healthcare

  1. Teniqua Jackson says:

    Does Canadian Health Care take of Corns on my feet?
    Dem Cones sho am hurtin’

  2. Pierre says:

    I have a solution for our Health Care dilemma. It’s very simple. Read my bullet points. Get rid of Workmans Comp. An offer has to be made to employers for them to sink their teeth in. This is the way to do it. —– Pete

    (A) It eliminates double coverage for injured employees. My thinking on this is simple—what is the difference whether the employee gets injured on the job, falls off a roof at their home or gets in an auto accident? The employee needs medical help regardless if it was a job related injury or personal injury. The blood flows any way you slice it.
    (B) Mandating this system across the board will not only benefit the employer but also the employee because it will enable medical insurance companies to be more competitive due to the increase in enrollment for health care coverage. Therefore, one should see a reduction in health care premiums.
    (C) This system that I propose will practically wipe out fraud on the employees part in filing frivolous lawsuits. Hospitals will no longer need to ask the injured person whether this was a job related injury or not. The important thing here is for doctors to care for the patient. In plain speak, “Git R Done”.
    (D) This benefits everyone across the board. The message here is; Lawyers, butt out! We all know that work related injuries have fallen drastically over the years but yet Workman’s Comp premiums have escalated. Why is that?
    (E) This system should in no way discriminate. By that I mean what profession the employee is in. All people are created equal in the sense that we share the same pain and we all have blood.

    It would be understandable to think that all the above points suggest a socialized medical system like Hillary Clinton proposed during the Clinton years. It need not be that way. The only involvement the government has is to require employers to provide medical coverage for their employees much like the requirement for businesses to provide Workman’s Comp. The only way this will work is that the private sector controls it by using the capitalistic system—thereby opening up a free market system making health care coverage more competitive. The Government can in no way be involved with this other than the requirement of businesses to provide it. If it did we would run the risk of the government bureaucracy messing it up.

    Obviously this idea of mine is not good for lawyers or for the state because this system I propose would drastically reduce lawsuits and I firmly believe Workman’s Comp is a cash cow for the state. They will always cry the blues because they claim they don’t receive enough revenue to keep up with cost. It is high time that politicians, lobbyist, lawyers etc are held to the fire so that the concerns of the people’s needs are met. The only way this will happen is for people such as your self bring forth this idea and put it on the ballet. This has to be put together in such a way that it will leave no room for manipulation by crafty politicians to shoot this down.

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