GOP and the deep state


“Political scientists and foreign policy experts have used the term deep state for years to describe individuals and institutions who exercise power independent of—and sometimes over—civilian political leaders.”

The GOP has proven itself unable to follow the Presidents lead on his promised agenda. Many in the GOP owe their re-elections to President Trump, yet you wouldn’t know it. Mitch McConnell’s scolding the President that thing are done over a ‘period’ of time shows an inability to perform the job he and others were elected to perform.

McConnell’s warning to the President lacks one element explaining why the GOP is so fractured and unable to support the President. The DC swamp is a bog, and the GOP are mired in the same corruption, as are democrats, corruption that slows the pace of any ability to move forward. The GOP seems to have become part of the deep state whose agenda is to destroy the Trump Presidency.

The never Trumpers, ungrateful slugs mired down in their own ideological dogma, refuse to concede that Donald Trump was elected by the people. The problem with the GOP is the liberal and conservative wings of the party stubbornly stand mired in their own bullshit.

The democrats are no better. However, the democrats stand together at critical times that threaten their party. The GOP not so much. Unity is a much bandied about word whose meaning seems lost to the GOP.

The GOP conservatives and liberal wings of the party, mired down in their selfish ideological purity, will most likely unseat the republican majority, who like an army bogged down in a swamp are easily picked off by their enemies. 2018 may spell the end of the GOP if they don’t get their act together….WFM


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The Deep State Is Real….But it might not be what you think.

By Micheal Crowley, Politco, September – October, 2017

At a conference in mid-July, Barack Obama’s….former…. CIA director, John Brennan, remarked that executive branch officials have an “obligation … to refuse to carry out” outrageous or anti-democratic orders from President Donald Trump. The comment quickly caught the attention of Rush Limbaugh, who saw nothing short of a threat to the republic. “He practically called for a coup!” the radio host bellowed on the air a few days later, warning of a plot orchestrated by “embeds in the deep state at the Pentagon, State Department, various intelligence agencies.”

The deep state entered America’s national discourse in 2017 with the feeling of an already familiar character, ready to assume a starring role as hero or villain—depending on how you feel about Trump. It’s easy to dismiss the idea as the breathless complaint of a frustrated president who hasn’t learned to work the system. But it’s not that simple: There really is a kind of cabal that operates independently of elected officials in Washington—even if it’s not quite what Trump or his conservative allies think it is.

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Political scientists and foreign policy experts have used the term deep state for years to describe individuals and institutions who exercise power independent of—and sometimes over—civilian political leaders. They applied it mainly to developing countries like Algeria, Pakistan, Egypt and Turkey, where generals and spies called the real shots in nominally democratic societies and replaced elected leaders when they saw fit. (Turkey and Egypt have recently moved to more overt security-state dictatorships, in which the deep state is the only state.)

For a generation, the people who saw something like an American deep state—even if they rarely called it that—resided on the left, not the right. The 9/11 attacks triggered the rapid growth of an opaque security and intelligence machine often unaccountable to the civilian legal system. In the 2000s, the critique focused on a “war machine” of military and intelligence officials, defense contractors and neoconservative ideologues who, in some versions, took orders directly from Vice President Dick Cheney. In the Obama era, the focus shifted to the eerie precision of “targeted killings” by drones, and then the furor over Snowden, the ex-National Security Agency contractor whose 2013 leaks exposed the astonishing reach of the government’s surveillance.

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