Jeff Sessions another disappointment

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You’ll remember that Jeff Sessions was hailed as a ‘hero,’ the cowboy on a white horse, promising to go after Hillary Cinton, Lois Lerner and a host of corrupt Obama appointees.

It would now appear all is well in the swamp. ‘Deep state’ seditionists are alive and well, free to continue undermining President Trump, to continue spreading their seditious corruption unchallenged.

Given Jeff Sessions reputation as a tough prosecutor, we had hoped for a better outcome than this. The evidence against Hillary and Lerner plus others in the prior administration, including James Comey,  is more than sufficient for prosecution and conviction.

With all said, I would ask Jeff Sessions a very simple question:  Who are you working for Jeff? If not for us, then who?   WFM

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GOP Lawmakers Slam Sessions for Deciding Not to Prosecute Lois Lerner

Roskam: ‘This is a miscarriage of justice’

By Susan Crabtree,  The Washington Free Beacon, September 8, 2017

Two prominent House Republicans criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions for declining to reopen a criminal investigation into charges that former IRS Director Lois Lerner violated several federal laws by targeting conservative groups and lying to Congress during its three-year probe.

House Ways and Means Committee chairman Kevin Brady (R., Texas) and Rep. Peter Roskam (R., Ill.), who chairs the panel’s tax policy subcommittee, angrily reacted to a Thursday letter from Sessions’ informing them of the Department of Justice’s decision not to reopen a criminal investigation against Lerner.

“This is a terrible decision,” Brady said in a statement. “It sends the message that the same legal, ethical and Constitutional standards we all live by do not apply to Washington political appointees—who will now have the green light to target Americans for their political belief and mislead investigators without ever being held accountable for their lawlessness.”

Brady also pointed out that the Justice Department is choosing not to hold Lerner criminally liable for obstructing an inspector general’s investigation into her and other IRS officials’ activity, and noted Justice is also continuing to defend the IRS’s “unconstitutional actions against taxpayers in ongoing civil litigation.”

“I have the utmost respect for Attorney General Sessions,” he said, “but I’m troubled by his department’s lack of action to fully respond to our request and deliver accountability.”

Justice’s decision does not mean Lerner is innocent, but instead is proof that the justice system in Washington is “deeply flawed,” he said.

Roskam called the decision not to prosecute Lerner a “miscarriage of justice.”

“On top of Ms. Lerner’s actions against taxpayers—denying tax-exempt status to groups for political gain and failing to protect taxpayer information—the department’s response blatantly ignores our most troubling finding: that Ms. Lerner intentional misled federal investigators in a flagrant violation of the law,” Roskam said.

Back in April, Brady and Roskam had written Sessions asking him to review evidence their committees had gathered, as well as other evidence from a Treasury Department’s inspector general probe.

In the letter Sessions sent to the GOP lawmakers, he said the department did not make the decision to keep the Lerner investigation closed lightly but did so only after carefully studying the law in an “objective” manner and “giving the evidence utmost consideration.”

“As in every case, if new information emerges that is relevant to this matter, the department will consider it in an appropriate and timely manner,” he wrote.

Sessions also pointed to conclusions from the Treasury inspector general after his probe. The inspector general had uncovered substantial evidence of mismanagement at the IRS and had concluded that the IRS’s “mishandling tax-exempt applications disproportionately impacted applicants affiliated with the Tea Party and similar organizations.”

But he said that the Justice Department, which was under the Obama administration’s control and run by former Attorney General Eric Holder at the time, had not found any evidence that IRS officials had any “criminal intent” motivating their actions.

“The department therefore stated that it was closing the investigation and would not pursue criminal charges,” he wrote.

Earlier this year during the first months of the Trump administration, Sessions said senior Justice Department leaders met with leaders in the criminal division “responsible for supervising this matter” to get a “detailed review” of the evidence, including the information the Ways and Means Committee provided, and the reasons the decision not to pursue a criminal prosecution of Lerner and others were made.

In addition, he wrote, “attorneys who recently joined the department in leadership positions, and who had no prior involvement with this case, independently reviewed the investigation and the facts and law at issue.”

“After the process, the department determined that reopening the criminal investigation would not be appropriate based on the available evidence,” he concluded.

Sessions also noted that the applicable criminal statutes require “proof beyond a reasonable doubt that a government employee intentionally discriminated against an applicant for tax-exempt status based upon viewpoint.”

The GOP-controlled Ways and Means Committee spent three years investigating allegations that the IRS during the Obama administration unfairly targeted tax-exempt conservative groups.

Among the committee’s findings is that Lerner used her position to improperly influence agency action against only conservative organizations, denying the groups due process and equal protection rights under the law. The panel found Lerner targeted conservative organization Crossroads GPS, as well as other conservative groups, while “turning a blind eye” to similarly organized liberal groups, such as Priorities USA.

The panel also uncovered evidence that Lerner impeded official investigations by providing misleading statements in response to questions from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration and risked exposing, and may actually have disclosed, confidential taxpayer information, in violation of federal law by using her personal email for official business.


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28 Responses to Jeff Sessions another disappointment

  1. Ralph Furman says:


    The Question isn’t why Project Veritas, Debbie Wasserman Schultz Pakistani lover, Seth Rich, the Russians hacked the DNC, Podesta, HRC. The elephant in the room is, the information found out about these peoples illegal and immoral activities. What we found out about these people has never been accounted for by them.

  2. Carla Riffee says:

    You and Ryan need to go , been there too long

  3. Ron Warren says:

    To much draggin ass start doin thing or step down

    • Nick Scheessele says:

      Ron, that is a very good suggestion. You know that no one in DC would do that. He would be admitting his incompetence.

  4. Lois Haven says:

    A retired FBI agent posted this on a video which has been removed but I had saved it. The Questions to ask Mueller and Questions to ask EX FBI Comey . Mr. Comey Isn’t it true that you were an assistant U.S. attorney for a prosecutor between 1996 and 2003?
    In your official capacity at the Department of Justice, did you investigate and did you clear Bill Clinton of any wrongdoing for extending a presidential pardon to Marc Rich, a fugitive from justice, a fugitive of the United States?
    Isn’t it true that between 2003 and 2005, you held a position with the office of the Attorney General?
    Isn’t it true that in 2005, you resigned from the Department of Justice and accepted a job as the senior vice-president with the office of general counsel at Lockheed Martin, a company that is a major, major military contractor?
    Isn’t it true that in 2010, when you were employed with Lockheed Martin, Lockheed won 17 approvals for private contracts with the Department of State while Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State?
    Isn’t it true that in 2010, while you were employed with Lockheed Martin, Lockheed became a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation and non-profit organizations?
    Isn’t it true that in late 2010, after Lockheed was awarded those contracts by the Hillary Clinton State Department, you stepped down from Lockheed and received a $6 million payout for your services?
    Isn’t it true that in 2013, the largest bank of England, HSBC, was being investigated by federal authorities for laundering billions of dollars for the Mexican drug cartels, channeling money to the Middle East, specifically Iran, which is in violation of law?
    Isn’t it true that Robert Mueller, former director of the FBI and now the special counsel to investigate the alleged “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia… isn’t it true that Mr. Mueller was the chief counsel at HSBC… the same bank that was laundering money for the cartels?
    Isn’t it true that HSBC was a significant Clinton Foundation contributor? That Bill Clinton was being paid about $200,000 for his speeches at HSBC events… and this is while Mrs. Clinton was the Secretary of State? No conflict of interest there?
    Isn’t it true that HSBC was basically let off the hook with a $1.2 billion fine – which was paid by shareholders – and none of its officers, managers, directors were charged criminally or let go? Isn’t it true that while all hell was breaking loose at HSBC, YOU, Mr. Comey, were appointed as a director and member of the board at HSBC to assist with damage control?
    Isn’t it true, Mr. Comey, that your salary went from $206,000 in 2002 when you were a government employee, to $33.5 million in 2012…. And that you earned these moneys while working for entities that were major contributors to the Clintons?
    Isn’t it true that you worked for Bridgewater Associates between 2010 and 2013, and that they are also a major contributor to the Clintons?
    Isn’t it true that you worked for Columbia University in 2013 as a senior research scholar at the school of law, and that Columbia University is also a major contributor to the Clintons?
    Isn’t it true that you gave this memo that you wrote on Bureau time on a classified computer in a Bureau car… and you gave this memo to Daniel Richman, your friend, a liberal professor (at Columbia), and he gave this memo to the New York Times?
    Mr. Comey, you were appointed FBI Director by former President Obama in 2013, as Secretary Clinton was leaving the State Department. Isn’t it true that you were appointed by Obama as FBI Director because you had proven yourself to be of service to the Clintons and their associates and entities that contribute millions of dollars to the Clintons’ non-profit organizations?
    Isn’t it true that you, as Director of the FBI in 2013 did absolutely nothing in regards to the missing $2 billion from the State Department finances, and this happened while Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of State?
    Isn’t it true, that while you were Director of the FBI, for over two years, nothing happened as a result of the FBI “investigations” into the Clinton non-profit organizations?
    If it had not been for the emails that were leaked involving Mrs. Clinton and her associates, all this would be unknown to everyone. But these emails were leaked… and fortunately, the truth is coming out. Mr. Mueller isn’t it true that you took US Uranium to RUSSIA FOR HILLARY CLINTON? Isn’t it true you assisted Clinton in the sale of 20% of US uranium? Mr. Mueller did you receive any monies or position appointments due to helping secretary Clinton? Robert Mueller is an expert at making nothing look like something. He did it in Iraq, he did it when he sent a planeload of people to frame WikiLeaks and he is doing it to frame President Trump and his administration. I do not trust Rosenstein either he appointed Mueller knowing full well he is a Clinton Troll.

  5. Sarah Delarosa says:


  6. Petermc3 says:

    Trump, who I wholeheartedly supported, continues to create schizophrenia among his base. Is he a believer in his own campaign promises or a man in a goofy I’ll-fitting red cap whose White House resembles a clown car with an almost steady stream of clowns entering and exiting. Sessions, unlike Holder whose mission was to enable Obama in his mission to fundamentally change if not destroy America, is involved in a Trump circle-jerk.

  7. Steven Reynolds says:

    Could it possibly be that He is part of that inside the Beltway “Good ole’ Boys and Girls Club” ? And the inside the Beltway staffers for this President Sold the President a Bill of Goods on this Guy…He was “For Trump” but can not (like the rest of the Rhino’s) Go against the “Ruling Class”, because he is a paid up member of “The Club” “The Club” does not have to adhere to the same LAWS as “We the People”…Ironically, the only ones that will ever go “To Jail” will be prosecuted by Mueller and his staff of special prosecutors going after the President…Mueller has the Green Light from the “Good Ole’ Boys and Girls Club”…And “the Club” is made up of both Republicans and Democrats…

  8. Elsa King says:

    Sessions needs to go! Fire him, recall him, impeachment him, jail him… I really don’t care… as long as he’s gone!

  9. Nancy Threlfall says:

    He’s getting paid by someone to not prosecute these people. Keep cleaning the SWAMP

  10. Larry Presenell says:

    Sessions is just as complicit as all the other crooks in Washington! He’s turned into a real POS!

  11. Barry Kar says:

    This keeps going back and forth… So, what is it really ?? Will Hillary be accountable for her crimes, or at least be charged, and if then found not guilty, then the people know that the law has worked…

  12. John Sweeny says:

    I’ll offer my idea. Mike Pence might be the leaker. He was not picked by the Donald and The Donald, expressed dissatisfaction with the party’s choice. Just think about this for a while. And, whom might become President if Trumps sub is sunk.

  13. Thomas Hochschild says:

    Not fully investigating the Clinton Foundation is a slap in Lady Justices face. DO IT, Investigate

  14. John Fiorani Sr says:

    Sessions has confirmed there are two judicial standards in our country.

  15. Deborah S Flynn says:

    He’s part of the problem now if your not going to prosecute the traitors get out the swamp needs to be drained and take sessions with you

  16. Pat Yinger says:


  17. Clay Holmes says:

    Typical for Republicans to “wimp out”….no balls! There’s only one thing I admire about the Democrats and that is at least they fight and fight hard and when the law does not support their position, they just make it up.

  18. Lewis fowler says:

    Another ass wipe NWO tell tell sign if you don’t go after comey Hillary Lynch Obama then they own you

  19. Matt Sickler says:

    I cant even begin to express my disgust with Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department. Hell, we could have left Loretta Lynch in there and had the same results.

  20. Susan Knight says:

    I like .Jeff he isn’t like some that spend the day with a microphone telling how hard he works……he did spend handling all the Pedophile gangs, over the country there were a couple of thousand rounded up and children saved from their round up. That took over two months of planning and implementation, he hasn’t been sitting on his hands there has been a mountain of crime to tackle …….Liberals

  21. Rex Mullins says:

    We had high hope for you Jeff….We thought you were a man of honor….But we now see you are part of the swamp and think that the political elites are above the law like in the IRS case and in Hillary’s case……I think it is now time for Trump to fire your Butt. Trump please don’t trust any of the establishment they are all part of the deep state knowingly or unknowingly.

  22. Peggy Whipple says:

    President Trump! you hired him to do the job that lynch hasn’t been doing and if he can’t or won’t do it then kick his ass to the curb and get Guliani in there and keep getting rid of them uUNTIL IT GETS DONE THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE AND NOW IS THE TIME TO GET IT DONE!

  23. Angelina Deluna says:

    No doubt about it! H.Clinton, Eric S. Obama, Lynch, etc are criminals. Their criminal activities are for all of us to see. If Sessions is NOT prosecuting, he is NOT doing his job. I really hope, this is not true.

  24. Daniel Wilson says:

    Too bad he has no claws or teeth or backbone! We Americans are totally disappointed in this do nothing AG. Plenty of crimes have been committed and yet no one is being sent to jail…’s shocking really.

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