Berekley’s Mayor linked to Antifa

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Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin has gone far beyond the left and is apparently a bona fide fascist. Berkeley once a bastion of free speech, has been challenged by violent protest carried out masked Antifa fascist thugs whose acts are encouraged by this joke of a Mayor.

With that said elected officials like Arreguin are a reflection of their community in the same way as  those who vote for imbeciles like Sheila Lee and Maxine Waters. In other words their electorates are either stupid beyond belief or are invested in the subversive activities of those who would challenge the stability of an orderly society.

As a former law officer I’ve hesitated to remark on the performance of the Berkeley Police. Myself, and  many others in the law enforcement community watched in disbelief as Berkeley police stood back and watch the Antifa thugs  violence without response. I’ve never seen cops stand by in the face of  violence perpetrated by thugs of any persuasion.

Berkeley’s Mayor ordered cops to stand down during the April riot . Berkeley Police Chief Greenwood should be embarrassed for sitting back and letting anarchy rule the day – a sad day in history where elected authorities are part of the insurgency….WFM

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 Berkeley Mayor Is Member of Antifa Facebook Group that Organized Riots

By Tim

, Breitbart News, April 21, 2017

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin is a member of the anti-fascist Facebook group, By Any Means Necessary, which orchestrated the riots that occurred ahead of a scheduled lecture by Milo Yiannopoulos.

Berkley Mayor Jesse Arreguin was revealed to be a member of the anti-fascist group, By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), on Facebook. BAMN orchestrated the violence that shut down a scheduled lecture at UC Berkeley featuring Milo Yiannopoulos in early 2017. Arreguin is allegedly also friends with BAMN leader, Yvette Felarca, on Facebook.

They were also involved in the violent clashes earlier this month.

BAMN was investigated for engaging in terrorist activities in 2005 by the FBI. In 2009, the Department of Defense classified the group’s activities as “low-level terrorism.” In June 2016, BAMN led a violent counter-protest outside a white nationalist rally that resulted in ten people being hospitalized with stab wounds.

Often described as a “militant left-wing” activist group, BAMN frequently engages in violent forms of protests. A Berkeley newspaper noted in 2001 that the group was a front for an “an obscure Detroit-based Trotskyist political party called the Revolutionary Workers League.”

Breitbart News has reached out to Mayor Arreguin for comment.

Tom Ciccotta is a libertarian who writes about economics and higher education for Breitbart News. You can follow him on Twitter @tciccotta or email him at

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6 Responses to Berekley’s Mayor linked to Antifa

  1. Nicky Wright says:

    Once again, abuse of choice… Now strict control will be required… Sad and soooo irresponsible. Antifa sucks. I also read charlottesville driver was another Bernie supporter per his fb page…

  2. Mark Malachowski says:

    Marxist cultural genocide always ends with mass murder of innocents to steal the money which is the true goal of the Marxist oligarchy

  3. Marie Garr says:

    Nothing should surprise us any more……….RIGHT???? A disgrace…….and he was voted in.

  4. Joan Brehon says:

    Is that legal?????? Or is California so far gone, they don’t care. Get a rope!

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