Democrats declare Bannon, Gorka and Miller White Nationalists


Of course they’re ‘nationalists as opposed to liberal democrats,  fascists, communists, socialists and globalists, the mainstay of the ‘deep state insurgency.’

Nationalists, patriots from all backgrounds, are proud of our country and want our country, to remain our country, distinct, the greatest and most prosperous nation on earth.

Democrats, socialists, leftist radical fascists, communists, and globalists, weak-minded simpletons, are unable to discern freedom from slavery, want to be part of the ‘globalist’ community and be on par with the oppressed second, third and fourth world countries. Obama tried that direction and almost succeeded.


Donald Trumps election will eventually put an end to the deep state insurgency’s prescription for oppression and economic failure. It will be a long fight but President Trump has the energy, and fortitude, to fight the deep state insurgency trying to bring our country down….WFM

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Democratic campaign arm ratchets up rhetoric by calling three White House advisers ‘white nationalists’

Fox News, August 26, 2017

The Democratic campaign committee dedicated to electing members to the House is ratcheting up its rhetoric by referring to three White House advisers as “white nationalists.”

In a Saturday tweet, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee took aim at ex-White House advisers Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka as well as senior White House policy adviser Stephen Miller.

Referring to Gorka and Bannon’s recent exits, and including a photo of Miller, the DCCC tweeted: “Two white nationalists down. One to go. We can do this.”

All three are populist conservatives who advocate for tougher immigration laws. But none of the three men identify as white nationalists.

Merriam-Webster defines white nationalists as people who “espouse white supremacy and advocate enforced racial segregation.”

The tweet comes as President Trump has faced criticism for not being more forceful in his response to the white supremacy violence in Charlottesville two weeks ago, where a young woman was killed when a car plowed into a crowd.

In a speech two days after the violence, Trump said: “Racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups.”


Gorka, who served as a deputy assistant to Trump, departed the White House on Friday, citing his frustration with other staffers. Bannon left a week ago, returning to lead Breitbart News. Gorka suggested it’s likely he too will re-join Breitbart.

Miller, a former top aide to then-Sen. Jeff Sessions, is a top White House policy adviser and speechwriter.

Neither Gorka nor Miller responded to a request for comment on Saturday. The National Republican Congressional Committee also could not immediately be reached.

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2 Responses to Democrats declare Bannon, Gorka and Miller White Nationalists

  1. Petermc3 says:

    As I have commented in the past again I maintain Clinton’s loss to Trump this past November is the democrats greatest victory since the assassination of JFK. While this event unleashed LBJ on the nation so has Trump’s presidency unmasked and unleashed the Bolshevik media as well as their racist ant-american anti white hate groups onto the country with carte blanc while fearlessly daring challenge from any quarter which they confidently know will never come. I fear Trump is powerless by his own choosing to turn the tide. Say goodnight….

  2. Stewart Denham says:

    The Deep State (CIA) killed him because he wanted to disband them, it should be done, they are despicable in every sense of the word.

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