Hannity calls out Shep Smith


Last week Fox News commentator Sean Hannity called out Shepard Smith for his biased reporting on President Trump. I’m sure Hannity was restrained in his comments about Smith because both are allegedly ‘friends.’

Smith has been on a roll since he came out of the closet last year. The problem, he was the last to know. But I digress….

Its been no secret that Smith has not been restrained in his criticism of the President.  Smith, allegedly an unbiased reporter, is apparently anything but. His barely masked hatred of the President displays a churlish, self-absorbed narcissism so characteristic of those in the leftist mainstream media.

Shepard Smith believes his political narrative is relevant – it’s not, and neither is he. Shepard Smith is a little mommy’s’ boy in big mans pants and no matter how hard he tries,  those pants don’t fit….WFM

Hannity calls Fox colleague Shep Smith ‘so anti-Trump’

By Joe Concha, July 18, 2017

Fox News host Sean Hannity hit Fox News chief anchor and managing editor Shepard Smith this week in response to his criticism of President Trump, calling Smith “so anti-Trump.”
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“Shep is a friend, I like him, but he’s so anti-Trump,” said Hannity, a staunch supporter of the president. “He went off on a rant last week. That’s fine, but [the opinion is] different.”
Smith hit Trump last week, slamming the Trump administration for its “constant flip-flopping between narratives” on the Donald Trump Jr. meeting that took place in June 2016.
“They tell us there’s nothing to this, that nothing came of it, there’s a nothingburger, it wasn’t even memorable, didn’t write it down, didn’t tell you about it ’cause it wasn’t anything so I didn’t even remember it. Why all these lies? Why is it lie after lie after lie?” Smith asked in a clip that went viral.
Hannity’s comments about Smith were made during a radio interviewMonday with deputy adviser Sebastian Gorka, who has been active on the interview front in recent weeks. The Fox News host said during the segment that there was a wide range of views among Fox News reporters, noting that there were more anti-Trump and ‘Never Trump’ people at the network than it may appear.
“Shep Smith disagrees with me, and he does so vehemently,” Hannity said. “Fine, I have no problem with it.”
“I’ll say this about the Fox News Channel, there are voices on Fox that drive me nuts,” Hannity continued. “Like Shep and I been friends for years, we just respect we don’t agree. And the media was praising Shep and he’s not the biggest fan of Trump, fine! We don’t talk politics when we hang out, when I see him we have the best time, and we just have this mutual respect.”
In response to Hannity’s remarks, Smith told Mediaite “Sometimes facts are displeasing,” adding, “journalists report them without fear or favor.”
Smith, 53, and Hannity, 55, have both been with Fox News since its inception in 1996.

In an interview with Hannity on his primetime Fox News program last week, Trump Jr. lambasted media coverage of his meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and the Russia probe in general.

“I think the mainstream media has done themselves a pretty big disservice by going so far, by going so extreme, by being so sensational. And I think it’s pushing regular people away,” the president’s eldest son said.

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13 Responses to Hannity calls out Shep Smith

  1. Joe says:

    If Shepard Smith comes on fox for anything I turn to a different station, I have not like his opinions for years. He is bias on everything.

  2. Barry Kar says:

    You can be truthful and still make it sound either negative or positive The wording, inflection and choice of words can tilt any story or comment. Just look at the mainstream Media or the Democrats and how they can take a singular TRUTHFUL statement and twist it to show negativity… When you hear the comment “Sticks and stones may hurt me, but words will never harm me”.. That is a TOTAL LIE !!!!!! Words CAN hurt you !!!!!!

  3. Eileen Voisin says:

    I do not watch Shep Smith, he is arrogant, has no class ,not much of a journalist. When he waited yrs to acknowledge his was gay tells me he is gutless. Pampered little Rich Boy who never grew up. Over paid for a show that has no substance..Rupert needs to wake up as fox is failing big time .

  4. Richard Linden says:

    Shep is not done . Fox will keep him and get rid of Hannity like they did with O Relley and Bolling .

  5. Sandi Snow says:

    I still listen to Hannity every chance I get. I don’t watch TV. Just Radio and internet news. Who is this Shepard guy???

  6. Beverly Britt says:

    Hannity is the GREATEST news reporter in the USA. He puts the correct news out to the americans. The idiot media needs to take lessons from Sean!! God bless him!!!

  7. Shirley Sigler says:

    Smith is a news reporter. His job is to present facts, not his opinion. Hannity is a talk show host who makes his money giving his opinion

  8. Paty Kovac says:


  9. Ursula Martinetti Parise says:

    I am glad Hannity called him out. Don’t watch most of Fox, only Tucker, Hannity, and Fox Bus. Lou Dobbs and Varney and Maria.

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