Clapper calls Trump “unfit”

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Clapper, self appointed super fly of the intelligence community is not qualified to judge the President’s competency. Those anti Trumpers and buffoons on the left defending Clappers comments are likewise not qualified to psychoanalyze the President. Their opinions are based on their small-minded partisan allegiance to those that would bring down our republic.

He like others who oppose the President hold themselves in high regard proud of their pathology to lie about anything they determine worth lying for.

To those who would critisize my comments I would ask – at what point does unfettered spying on the American people, undermine rather than serve the freedom of the American people he was appointed to serve?…WFM

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Trump lashes out at James Clapper

By Kyle Fledscher, The Washington Examiner, August 24, 2017

President Trump Thursday ripped former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper for lying in front of Congress in 2013 and alleged Clapper wrote a “beautiful letter” to him.

“James Clapper, who famously got caught lying to Congress, is now an authority on Donald Trump. Will he show you his beautiful letter to me?” Trump tweeted.

The shot at Clapper comes amidst a barrage of tweets from the president Thursday, as he lashed out at Democrats, Speaker Paul Ryan, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Trump was referring to a 2013 incident when Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., asked Clapper if the National Security Agency collects data on millions of Americans. Clapper answered, “No, sir … not wittingly.”

Clapper has since said he misunderstood the question and misspoke, but Wyden’s office previously said he was given the opportunity to change his testimony following the hearing and he refused. Wyden has also said Clapper was provided the question in advance and knew it was coming.

Since leaving the government in January, Clapper has become a frequent Trump critic on cable news. After Trump’s rally in Phoenix Tuesday, Clapper went on CNN and questioned whether Trump is fit for office.

“I really question his ability to be — his fitness to be — in this office, and I also am beginning to wonder about his motivation for it,” Clapper said.



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8 Responses to Clapper calls Trump “unfit”

  1. Larry Heard says:

    All I can say is look at the guy he’s just a bigger criminals anybody out there cuz he lied and he knows he lied and he thinks she’s going to get away with it it’ll take time but we’ll get him

  2. Angelea Deluna says:

    Liar Clapper questions President Trump’s motives? Answer; Draining the Swamp! He should be removed from his position. Calling President Trump “unfit”? because President Trump wants people to know the truth about the swamp creatures.

  3. Joe Ellen Able says:

    Clapper opinion of president trump shines light on how far off the mark the administration he served was driving the country. See we again must view president George Washington (I believe) beware the tyranny of the minority. ..
    Again we see that the values of morality in that administration was taking the minority moral as their flag ship. .so glad this man spoke negatively. His comments show the clear effort to divide this country and determination to fail to embrace all citizens of this country to lift the minority. Stand firmly with Trump!!

  4. Larry Sullivan says:

    Who cares what clapper thinks Why is he even in the news When he’s old news …

  5. Barry Kar says:

    You have to take Clapper as he is… A devout Obama follower… Anything he says MUST be compared to what he is. Did he collaborate with Obama to provide information on US Citizens ? Almost to a certainty…

  6. Jane Luciani says:

    First Clapper, head of IRS, then Watters, Pelosie, McCain, work your way down the line…it is a long and dirty Road before you even gets years to President Trump! 😏

  7. Dora Mae says:


  8. Lynette Floyd says:

    Clapper is an old man who is Soro’s slave. He has been on the take!!!! This is one man, I wouldn’t trust for anything. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he has dementia! He doesn’t sound like his brain is operating at full capacity. He needs to change his freakin batteries!!!!!!

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