Antifa perfect venue for fascist cowards


Last night in Phoenix was a perfect showcase for exposing antifa pussies for the cowards they are. Antifa like their forbearers in the Third Reich, spare no effort in going after anyone who hasn’t fallen prey to their leftist fascist narrative. However in this case, with one exception, they met resistance from a force far greater than their pathetic ragtag group of buffoons – The Phoenix Police Department. 

However, like the cowards they are they spare no effort in attacking individuals they deem a threat. Antifa, the new Hitlerite ‘Brownshirts’ are able to mask their inherent Nazi inspired racism under the guise of being anti-fascist – only it’s not working anymore despite their being given cover by the mainstream media.

It is my, and others, fervent hope that antifa will eventually be crushed and flushed into a toilet like the Nazi turds they are….WFM

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Anti-Trump Protester Sucker-Punches African-

American Man at Phoenix Rally

By Alex Griswold, Washington Free Beacon, August 23, 2017

An anti-Trump “antifa” protester sucker-punched a black man from behind following President Donald Trump’s Tuesday night speech in Phoenix.

The New York Times‘ Simon Romero was on the scene during the post-speech clashes between those who support and oppose the president. He posted a video on Twitter of one such confrontation.

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