Democrats finally realizing party hijacked by Trotsyites


The democrats have spent so much time trying to derail President Trump they’ve not paid attention to whom they were allowing to dance with them in their failed efforts.

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren,Tom Perez, rabid socialists, along with their Nazi antifa allies, have completely undermined any credibility the democrats have enjoyed since FDR. While the Pelosi, Schumer cabal have spent their capital on demonizing the President their feckless socialists allies are now going to work demonizing their party. The old saying ‘what goes around, comes around,’ would seem to illustrate the democrats impending slide into the abyss.


Considering the democrats are engaging in their own civil war President Trump and populist movement will profit handsomely in the 2018 elections. While the political riff raff have been attacking the President unmercifully, the President has moved forward in his agenda. The 2018 election may well be the Waterloo of the GOP rinos and the democrat’s party – we can only hope….WFM

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With Brutal 2018 Map, Obama and Clinton Supporters Aim To Halt Trotskyite Takeover Of Democratic Party….

By Matt Vespa, Townhall, August 21, 2017

At the Netroots Nation conference in Atlanta, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), the darling of the progressive Left, was blunt and straightforward in her vision of the party. They’re in a rut because they’re not left wing enough and further left is where they should go. Ever since the 2016 primaries, the Warren/Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) wing of the party has become more vocal, more active, and completely blinded with rage over Donald Trump’s 2016 win. Many are saying the moderate, centrist path that kept Bill Clinton in the White House for two terms is over, and that Jon Ossoff, who lost the most expensive House race in Georgia, lost because he took a middle way in messaging. They’re gung-ho about making single-payer the new litmus test. First, they’re having a fight about abortion and whether backing pro-life Democrats is akin to making a deal with the devil. Right now, after playing defense, or not even speaking much at all, the more even-keeled (for lack of a better term) Democrats—many of them Obama and Clinton supporters— are pushing back, warning that this rush to the Lenin line is going to backfire—big league (via The Hill) [emphasis mine]:

Moderate Democrats are pushing back at Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) view that progressives have taken control of the party.

“We can’t win the House back with progressives running in swing states,” said former Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-Calif.), a surrogate for 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton who is leading the Fight Back California super PAC aimed at winning back seven House seats in the Golden State.

Interviews with Democratic strategists, donors and organizers from across the country reveal deep disagreement with Warren’s premise that progressives make up the “heart and soul” of the Democratic Party.

Warren offered that synopsis during a speech at the liberal Netroots Nation conference last weekend, adding that progressives are in control of the party.

The Democrats who disagree with Warren are generally from the center of the party, and many were staunch supporters of former President Barack Obama and Clinton.

The clash is further proof of the divide in the party after 2016’s disappointment. Even as they face a Republican Party torn over how to deal with President Trump, Democrats are still trying to figure out what kind of a party they are.


I’m wary of pendulum politics,” one former senior administration official to Obama said. “We can’t whiplash the country.”


Democratic strategist Jim Manley, who served as a spokesman to then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), said while support has grown for many progressive issues, including a single-payer healthcare system, the party is in the midst of a rebuilding process and trying to figure out its next steps.

“I don’t think we as a party can be casting too many people aside,” Manley said. “We need to figure out how to grow and bring everybody together. I realize that’s happy talk but that’s the reality. When you start talking about purity tests, that’s a little problematic.”

There’s good reason for the non-Sander-ite wing of the party to feel this way. First, its true—Democrats will not be able to retake the House, Senate, or the presidency with just die-hard, socialist-spewing Democrats. Abortion on demand is not popular. Open borders and coddling illegal aliens who commit crimes is not popular. And single-payer is a very volatile issue, which I’m betting support will drop when voters realize that access to specialized doctors and care will be reduced in exchange for $32 trillion in tax hikes. If the progressive hounds in the cities would cool it with the identity politics, the political correctness, and the lectures on so-called white privilege, maybe a more rural-based Democratic crop can grow and maybe give the GOP a run for its money. Right now, the political apparatus of the Democratic Party in rural America have all due died out, with a candidate farming system that’s ceased to exist as well. Maximizing your position in the cities is not going to win you elections. You can’t win by just playing with 15% (the percentage of the U.S. population from the 100 biggest cities) of the population.

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One Response to Democrats finally realizing party hijacked by Trotsyites

  1. Petermc3 says:

    ….rather Pollyanna-ish for someone living in California. At least one half if not more of the voting public is firmly in the grip of the democrat party, the political arm of the MSM. The voters’ self survival instinct ranks right up there with the lemming on a beach day. The pull of the promise of something for nothing is so appealing to a majority of the great unwashed along with the highly successful brain washing of the country’s youth by the education industry and Hollywood will continue to swell the ranks of those voting the democrat line. Sorry but the splintering of the democrat party, I don’t buy it. It is alive and well most certainly here in NJ, a progressive enclave, as well as around the nation. And kudos to the republicans who, having no idea whatsoever how to use the reigns of power, on the surface seemingly are ignoring DWS while empowering a left wing witch hunt by their presidents out of power enemies.

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