Jason Kessler Charlottesville protest organizer linked to Occupy


Kessler’s two-faced allegiance first to the left, and now to the right, is highly suspicious. In simple terms Jason Kessler fits the profile of a ‘agent provocateur.’

An Agent provocateur definition: A secret agent hired to incite suspected persons to some illegal action, outbreak, etc., that will make them liable to punishment. [1]

Agent provocateurs are an important part of the radical left agenda to stir up trouble, creat doubt and confusion in order to turn a controversy or incident to their favor.

The radical left socialists, fascists in intent and action, have infiltrated the media and the democrat’s party. The infiltration at this point has become dangerous. The so-called ‘alt-left,’ fascist’s intent is tear down our republic and replace it with a radical national socialist totalitarian central government. If this threat is not confronted, I believe, we are headed towards civil war and it will make the War Between the States look like childs play…WFM

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Cover-up: Here’s what the media won’t say about Charlottesville’s protest organizer….

By DK, Allen West, August 15, 2017

Many conservatives, as well as libertarians and right-leaning individuals, have long wondered why white supremacy hate-groups are labeled “right-wing.”

After all, one could read everything written by Edmund Burke, William F. Buckley, Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell, and find no reference to any supremacy of one group over others based on the color of that group’s skin.

Unfortunately, recent events have made this tendency even more puzzling.

QDaily Wire reports:Jason Kessler, the man who helped organize Saturday’s white nationalist “Unite the Right” event that erupted in violence, has come under the national spotlight because of his role in the ultimately deadly event and his subsequent need to flee a press conference after being attacked. According to some persistent “rumors,” prior to his rise to prominence on the far-right, Kessler embraced the far-left Occupy Wall Street movement and was a Obama supporter.

So Kessler was clearly identified with the progressive movement. Not only was he a Occupier and a Obama supporter, but his move to the right came suspiciously late.

Kessler did not become a white supremacist until November of 2016. The timing all by itself is fishy here. He didn’t start his new cause until AFTER Donald Trump was elected President. He also took $1,320 as a consulting fee from a Democratic candidate running for the Senate in 2012. He’s pro-abortion, an environmentalist, a non-interventionist, pro-equality and an atheist, among other things. This guy sounds like someone who should be looked into. I find it very suspicious that a leftist would suddenly join a hate group to stir up chaos on our streets. Or maybe not so much.

According to the Daily Wire, Kessler’s path to becoming a “Unite The Right” organizer began with his anger towards a Charlottesville black councilman campaign named Wes Bellamy.

It seems contradictory that a leftist could become a far-right leader.

However, the KKK’s history is rooted in the Democratic Party. And the neo-Nazi movement is obviously based on the Nazi – or National Socialist German Workers’ – Party.

There’s just nothing very Reaganesque about the so-called “far right” or “alt right” movements, frankly.

So perhaps Kessler with his transition from Progressivism to organizing “white rage rallies” didn’t make such a long leap after all.

[Note: This post was written by dk. Find him online at the African-American Conservatives (AACONS) website or AACONS on Twitter and Facebook]

 [1]  www.dictionary.com/browse/agent-provocateur


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7 Responses to Jason Kessler Charlottesville protest organizer linked to Occupy

  1. Petermc3 says:

    The media continues to quite aptly perform job number one which is to deny the truth and reality to those mesmerized by the 24 hour news cycle. They along with the education industry are making sure the vast majority of Americans of all ages will remain unaware of the metaphoric gulags being constructed for them and the generations to come. And those elected to battle this onslaught by the left are not only sitting on their hands but many of their ilk are proving to be traitors to the conservative cause. And it is obvious now that even on the periphery for example Obamacare is not going down and the wall is not going up. We the voters on the right have been blewed, screwed and tattoed without a kiss.

  2. Chris Carpenter says:

    Makes total sense. Socialism is socialism, whether is National Socialism or Soviet Socialism, or any of the other forms of socialism. People can argue over the nuanced differences between Marxism, communism and socialism, etc, etc, but all achieve control through inciting chaos. And then when in control, everything is subjugated to the state; the regime and anyone who chooses not to go along with the program, or is suspected to be resistant, is liquidated.

  3. Kenneth Hudson says:

    I agree. He is a Soros agent.

  4. Cherokee Akecheta says:

    What about these Historical sites and Monuments, do we understand their history and purpose or should they be destroyed by the uneducated democrats; Leftist LibTards; White Nationalists; Racist; Black Lives Matter and the KKK also?

    Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument
    Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument Harlam, NY
    Booker T. Washington National Monument
    African Burial Ground Monument
    George Washington Carver National Monument Newton County, MO
    Fort Monroe National Monument
    Boston African American National Historical Site
    Brown vs. Board of Education National Historical Site
    Cane River Creole National Historical Site
    Carter G. Woodsen Home National Historical Site
    Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Site
    Fort Davis National Historical Site
    Fort Scott National Historical Site
    Fort Douglas National Historical Site
    Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
    Little Rock Central High School National Historical Site
    Lincoln Memorial National Historical Site
    Maggie L. Walker National Historical Site
    Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Washington, DC
    Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Site
    Mary McLeod Bethune Council House National Historical Site
    New Orlkeans Jazz National Historical Site
    Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial
    Selma to Montgomery National Historical Trail
    Tuskeege Institute National Historic Site
    Tuskeege Airman Historical Site
    Tupac Shakur Monument – Atlanta, Georgia
    Medgar Evers Monument – Jackson, MS
    W.E.B. Dubois Monument – Nashville, TN
    Crispus Attucks Monument – Boston, MA
    Joe Lewis Monument – Detroit, MI
    Adam Clayton Powell Monument – Harlem, NY
    Malcom X Monument – Harlem, NY

    America’s national symbols are too synonymous with democracy and pluralism to be destroyed or removed by purloiners……

  5. Brenda Rebman-Messer Brenda Rebman-Messer says:

    Love that!! National Amnesia!! Speaks volumes since it’s obvious many have forgotten so much more than they remember!!

  6. William McCullough says:

    Brenda, the ignorance and faulty memory of most Americans is the intentional leftist infiltration of the educational system. That system has under-educated generations of Americans in order to bring eliminate Americans ability to critically process the leftist sediton now underming our republic….

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