Democrats: ‘Rename military bases’


We knew this was coming. The anti-military democrats want to change the name of military bases bearing the names of Confederate soldiers. The idea that all Confederates were racist is just as ludicrous as are the democrats. However, stupid behavior never stopped the democrats from acting stupidly.

The question now, how soon do we disinter dead Confederates to sooth the feelings of blacks who were never slaves and liberals who wish they were descendants of slaves to legitimize their emotional rants?

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I had three Great Grand Uncles who died fighting for the Confederacy. Their father, my GGreat Grandfather, Isaac McCullough, was a Union Cavalry scout in the 2nd Regiment, I BN, Louisiana Volunteer Cavalry Scouts. He and his sons, all farmers, owned no slaves and saw the north as interlopers.

My GGreat Grandfather, serving as a Union cavalry scout, did so as a way to protect his farm and remaining family members from the depravity of both Union marauders and Confederate home guard. Their service on both sides believed they were fighting for their homes, not slave owners.

Isaac MccCullough and his sons Silas, William and Smith McCullough did not survive the war….

The democrats, ignorant of history are dishonoring those Confederate soldiers ,sailors, and Marines that fought in the Civil war….who…. were made U.S. Veterans by an act of Congress in 1957, U.S. Public Law 85-425, Sec 410, Approved 23 May, 1958. This made all Confederate Army/ Navy/ Marine Veterans equal to U.S. Veterans. Additionally, under U.S. Public Law 810, Approved by the 17th Congress on 26 Feb 1929 the War Department was directed to erect headstones and recognize Confederate grave sites as U.S. War dead grave sites. Just for the record the last Confederate veteran died in 1958. So, in essence, when you remove a Confederate statue, monument or headstone, you are in fact, removing a statue, monument or head stone of a U.S. VETERAN….WFM

Democrats move to strip military bases of Confederate names

By  Anna Giaritelli, Washington Examiner, August 17, 2017

House and Senate Democrats are pushing bills to strip the names of Confederate generals from Army base names and other military properties.

Rep. Yvette Clarke, D-N.Y., a Congressional Black Caucus member, is working on a bill that would mandate military installations be renamed in order to no longer celebrate men who fought for slavery’s continuance. Ten House Democrats from New York and New Jersey have signed on.

“Naming military property after armed insurrectionists with American blood on their hands is an affront to members of the Armed Forces, many of whom are people of color, who take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution,” Clarke said. “There are an ample number of meritorious members of the Armed Forces, who loyally served the United States, for whom military property could and should be named.”

Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., also plans to introduce a bill that would require Confederate leaders be removed from inside the U.S. Capitol building, according to a McClatchy reportThursday.

The new push to replace southern military leaders from the Civil War comes days after a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va. Protesters turned out last Saturday to show support for a Robert E. Lee monument, but they were met by counter protesters. A man who is believed to be affiliated with the white supremacists later drove a car into a crowd of counter protesters, killing one woman.

The incident, along with a hate crime shooting at a black church in Charleston, S.C., last year, has prompted state and local leaders to reconsider Confederate statues in their own backyards.

Although Republicans in Congress have decried the Charlottesville car attack and racism in general, they remain on the sidelines as Democrats push to erase all references to the South’s pro-slavery views from government property.

If successful, Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Fort Hood in Texas, and Fort Benning in Georgia would be among the military facilities renamed after non-Confederate men and women.



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