First Amendment in tatters

Our First Amendment rights have been under attack for decades. It is no surprise to anyone with the ability to critically analyze our current state of political affairs, that our First amendment rights are slowly being abrogated by self-appointed guardians of ‘free speech.’  

These so-called ‘guardians,’ part of the leftist insurgency that has infiltrated our politics, have taken it upon themselves to decide what does or doesn’t constitute free speech. The left’s primary weapon of attack is political correctness –  a modicum of intolerance favored by those too insecure to face the reality that human nature thrives on free expression –  a modicum that is the anti-thesis of the freedoms guaranteed by our constitution.

Facebook and other prominent social media sites, in concert with a rabid leftist media, are policing free expression under the guise of labeling those challenging the liberal status quo as extremists. However, the most transparent venues undermining free expression, are leftist professors on most college campuses.

These leftist professors who seemingly dominate college campuses, in concert with an overwhelmingly leftist media and Marxist-Leninist inspired academics, are subtly undermining our First Amendment right to free expression….WFM

Postscript – the following link is a list of constitutional Amendments:!/amendments/1/religion-speech-press-assembly-and-petition

Spooked by the power of words, words, words

By  Wesley Pruden, The Washington Times. April 27, 2017


The only thing anyone is allowed to hear on campus is a slogan. Thinking is so 20th century (and early 20th century at that). The adults paid to be in charge have retreated to a safe place, where never is heard an encouraging word and the skies are cloudy all day.

The First Amendment has been under the latest assault for months, and this week Howard Dean, the former governor of Vermont and onetime chairman of the Democratic Party, finally said out loud what certain prominent Democrats have hinted at and alluded….that free speech does not necessarily include extending it to anyone who disagrees with them.

This poison spread, like so much of the toxic stuff polluting the body politic, from the campuses of the elite. Particularly the University of California at Berkeley, where visiting speakers with something to say can’t say it because it might offend the sophomore class. Cowardice rules in the university president’s office and ignorance rules in Sproul Plaza. A speech by Ann Coulter, the firebrand columnist, was canceled because everyone was afraid of what she might say.

 Miss Coulter, a slender woman who might weigh 90 pounds stepping out of a shower, was eager to take her chances facing down the mob to say her piece, whatever that piece might have been, but the Berkeley cops, the university administration, the sponsoring Young America’s Foundation and the College Republicans, all trembled, looked one way and then the other, and took a powder lest the hooded brownshirts — dressed in black with robbers’ masks, actually — disrupt the tranquility of the campus.

The editors of National Review magazine observed with a bit of acid that Janet Napolitano, the president of the University of California System, was Barack Obama’s Director of Homeland Security and was responsible for keeping al Qaeda out of New York and Washington, but she can’t secure a lecture hall on a California college campus.

But even in defending free speech and all that free speech means, the editors prefaced their condemnation of cowardice and outrage at Berkeley with something of an apology for defending Miss Coulter: “We have had our differences with Ann Coulter over the years, differences that led to our eventually declining to continue publishing her work. She is charming and funny and sometimes brilliant. She is also a glib and irresponsible self-promoter. We suspect that she will not like having that written about her. We suspect that she might write something in reply.” But the editors think it is nevertheless wrong, or at least inappropriate, to chase her off the campus. Probably.



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4 Responses to First Amendment in tatters

  1. Steven Perez says:

    The educational system that exit in our country now ARE responsible for the Amnesia in our Nation today and George Soros is the reason for the educational system we have now.

  2. Diana Qualls says:

    I cannot believe if United States of America as we know it it’s turned into a communist atheist queer lesbian transy whatever the hell you want to call him country now they’re taking down our history this is what you get for putting Obama in office

  3. Marcia Pancerev says:

    So gentlemen…other than ask Glenn Beck…who several years ago pointed George Soros out as an upcomming MAJOR problem….how do we get this guy out of our economy and our country….Got a suggestion or two?

  4. Steven Perez says:

    It’s up to FBI or the CIA to apprehend him so he can be brought to Justice for subversion and violent acts against our country. They first need to crawl out of the swamp,

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