ANTIFA, BLM, KKK and Media a symbiotic relationship

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Antifa, BLM and the KKK are venues of the ignorant, under-educated sub-culture of disaffected malcontents from all economic backgrounds, who in reality, I believe, are of no value to a civilized society.

This sub-culture have been given to believe they are ‘victims’ of a variety of real or imagined circumstances that can only be remedied by bringing down our society through violence and adherence to ideologies that have proven themselves failures where ever they come to ascendancy.

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If we’ve learned nothing these last decades it would be, we’ve been played by the media, politicians and establishment elites on both sides of the aisle.

However, it is the media who perpetuate the constant disaffection and chaos that plague our society. The strict constitutionalists will argue that the media are a forum of free expression protected by the First Amendment. I would argue, given current events, the media have become a subversive influence promoting those like Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the KKK , among others, by sensationalizing their activities. Politicians from both sides of the aisle use these stooges to their own benefit.



The recent media blitz over events in Charlotte, Virgina are a microcosm of the elitist media establishment’s successful agenda of divisiveness and chaos as a distraction from the mis-deeds  of those on  both sides of the aisle who’re in the employ of K Street lobbyists and from the likes George Soros, all of whom who seek to profit from the chaos currently plaguing our country.

In summary I offer no solution because I don’t believe there is one. In a cosmic sense we might rationalize that our current state of affairs is a result of divine provenance dictating our very existence. We might then quote the famous Alfred E Nueman, the clueless protagonist from Mad Magazine who famously declared, “What me worry?’

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One Response to ANTIFA, BLM, KKK and Media a symbiotic relationship

  1. Petermc3 says:

    Give credit where credit is due. In a mere eight years the media and their God Obama managed to undo decades of evolving, although not perfect, racial harmony.

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