Katherin Rice (D-NY) attacks Dana Loesh and NRA


Katherine Rice is an ignorant left liberal moron. She’s probably never fired a gun, seen one up close and has no idea what she’s talking about. Rice unlike Dana Loech is a poor example of a women, scared of her own shadow and emotionally desperate to be noticed. Rice is just another leftist buffoon attacking our Second Amendment gun rights, another snowflake seeking a non-existent  relevancy….WFM

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Lawmaker: NRA and its chief spokeswomen are a ‘domestic security threat’

 – The Washington Times – Thursday, August 10, 2017

A U.S. House member called the National Rifle Association and one of its chief spokeswomen a threat to national security.

 Rep. Kathleen Rice, New York Democrat, appeared to be responding to NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch noting that Philando Castile was in possession of marijuana when police shot the motorist dead. According to her next tweet five minutes later, that makes the NRA a “domestic security threat.”
“I’m just going to say it. #NRA & @DLoesch are quickly becoming domestic security threats under President Trump. We can’t ignore that,” Ms. Rice said.

At the time of the tweet Ms. Loesch was appearing on Fox News Channel, and when host Mark Steyn told her of Ms. Rice accusation, a surprised Ms. Loesch called it disappointing that a House member would call defense of the Second Amendment a threat.

She later took to Twitter and posted: “Rephrase: An elected gov’t official just labeled me and millions of others ‘domestic security threats.’ Wow.”

Noting that Ms. Rice’s language mirrors justifications of police-state persecutions, Ms. Loesch asked the congresswoman’s Twitter feed directly “will ur secret police wear a certain uniform? I want to know who we should look for when we are all taken into custody.”

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4 Responses to Katherin Rice (D-NY) attacks Dana Loesh and NRA

  1. petermc3 says:

    Ms Rice is 100% correct! The only peeps with guns should be criminals with illegally obtained weapons, especially gang members who mostly kill people in their own drug infested “hoods” as they are valuable members in the fight for population control. Also mafias, drug cartels, traffickers and the dealers on the street are a key component in keeping the cash economy humming along. The criminals’ billions in cash laundered by the big banks keeps a percentage of that money here while the bulk is sent back to Mexico, Colombia and the other Central and South American countries where the poppy crops are so lovingly tended by the peasants who would otherwise have to come to America seeking employment to supplement the untold billions we would spend on government entitlements. Once again kudos to Ms Rice for seeing the big picture. Andd now its time to go after and eliminate our first amendment so people likeDana Loesch will be locked away for defending herself and her ideas against good patriots like Ms. Rice.

    P.S. For those of you whose cultural prowess consists of wearing your baseball cap on backwards this piece is satire.

  2. Pete Wick says:

    Ms. Rice Doesn’t know the meaning of” threat” is except perhaps competing up against the lovely Dana Loesch.

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