New York Times Challeges Trumps Masculinity

Comment – Opinion:  Roger Cohen, only one of a few engaged in this vitriol, most likely suffers from a ‘little man’ syndrome, where a man, I use that term liberally in this case, challenges another man’s masculinity to deflect from the lack of his own.  David Brooks, also of the Times is a known ‘rump ranger’, which may explain his hatred of President Trump.

Then we have Kevin Williamson writing in the National Review that “….Trump displayed characteristics of insecure men aspiring for “alpha male” status, “an obsession for some sexually unhappy contemporary men.”

When all is said and done, we might reasonably proffer that two of these leftist media buffoons and their conservative anti-Trump allie, Kevin Williamson, (an Obama style Oreo), may have issues with their own sexuality – pathetic examples of irrelevant media buffoons unable to deal with their own gender identity issues – sad…WFM

Press challenges Trump’s masculinity

By Eddie Scarry, The washington Examiner, August 2, 2017

Prominent voices in the national media are attempting to hit President Trump where it hurts: His manhood.

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Journalists are calling Trump’s masculinity into question, soon after White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci was ousted after his profanity-laced screed in New Yorker magazine.

New York Times columnist Roger Cohen on Monday likened the White House staff to a 16th Century Italian comedy, and said Trump would best be portrayed by a character who pretends to be well endowed.

“The president, at 71, is clearly a ‘Vecchio,’ or elder,” wrote Cohen. “He is probably best imagined as the miserly Venetian known as Pantalone wandering around in red breeches with the oversized codpiece of the would-be womanizer. … The key to understanding him is probably that oversize codpiece.”

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On the same day, David Brooks, also a Times columnist, said that the Trump administration “certainly giving us an education in the varieties of wannabe manliness” and that the president demeanor is a “parody of manliness.”


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 The anti-Trump writer Kevin Williamson wrote Sunday in National Review that both Scaramucci and Trump displayed characteristics of insecure men aspiring for “alpha male” status, “an obsession for some sexually unhappy contemporary men.”



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5 Responses to New York Times Challeges Trumps Masculinity

  1. petermc3 says:

    Surely they were tickled pink, the life partners of these- one gene away from a hermaphrodite scums bucket- faux journalists after reading their bilge, their phony diatribe about Donald Trump’s masculinity. . If any of the three ever found themselves in the neighborhood of a naked woman or a fist fight their weenies would shrink like someone exiting the ocean after a mile swim. The rags these jerk offs write for are so low there’re even unfit to wipe the ass of Oprah, Moore, Whoopie, Reiner or any of the other rotund trash who were supposed to leave the country after last November 8th.

  2. Bob Tinker Mellinkoff says:

    What on earth is next? His Codpiece what the? 77 years old Bob Mellinkoff is doing pretty damn good 12 hours a day outside working, still handsome, and viral as hell. So at 71 how does that even equate to this rambling horse crap? Now for many of you that think I am Bob , I am his wife who posts here Tinker on our account, So don’t tell him I talked about his Codpiece okay?

    The Dems are so pathetic, they would not know how to pour piss out of a boot with the directions written on the heel. But do make for a great laugh at least 100 times a day!!

  3. Michael Giorgilli says:

    Seriously doubt that any of the (so called) “journalists” in the article ever served their country in any capacity (military, Peace Corp, etc.).Doubt they ever volunteered in a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or hospice/hospital. Doubt they have ever done or given anything for their country.

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