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Court rules against Planned Parenthood

Comment – Opinion: It would appear that the Planned Parenthood infant killers couldn’t pay off the 8th Circuit Court. Planned Parenthood filed against the State of Arkansas for kicking Planned Parenthood of it’s Medicaid program. Read between the lines – Arkansas … Continue reading

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Muslim Gang Rape

Comment – Opinion: The Muslim invasion in Italy is now in full swing. How long until we enjoy the same benefits of this invasion – gang rape of women and young girls, pedophilia,throwing gays off of roof tops, bestiality and … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media colluding with Antifa?

Opinion: The mainstream media colluding with Antifa is not really a question but seemingly fact. One might offer the excuse ‘the mainstream media is a business whose very existence thrives on death, destruction and mayhem, ie, ‘if it bleeds, it … Continue reading

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Comey’s legacy: FBI integrity in tatters

Opinion: ‘Justice?  There is no Justice – Just us” Richard Pryor The FBI is refusing a FOIA request by Ty Clevenger, an attorney in New York City, who filed the request for release of the  Clinton investigation files. According to … Continue reading

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MSNBC Morning Joe mocks ‘snowflakes’

Comment: Just when you think you had the leftstream MSNBC figured out something unexpected happens. MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’  mocked college campus  ‘snowflakes’ as “mentally stunted.” However, don’t think for a moment that MSNBC is in any way edging away from … Continue reading

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GOP needs to get off their asses

Opinion: The democrats have an ass for their party symbol which in the greater scheme of things is quite apropos given their institutionalized stupidity. However, many in the GOP might as well adopt the same symbol because they’re just as … Continue reading

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Democrats – Antifa – Media – Axis of Evil

Opinion: Actions speak louder than words. The Democrats and the media by failing to acknowledge the violent fascists actions of Antifa, have seemingly developed a symbiotic relationship with violent fascists terrorists whose one goal and one goal only is: Destruction … Continue reading

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Anarchist’s the globalist plague unleashed

Opinion: Anarchists are a disgrace, a plague on humanity, thugs on par with Hitler’s Brownshirts of the 1930s. However, we need ask: Why are these animals allowed to roam free? Where the hell is the DOJ? The establishment politicians on … Continue reading

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Democrats declare Bannon, Gorka and Miller White Nationalists

Opinion:  Of course they’re ‘nationalists as opposed to liberal democrats,  fascists, communists, socialists and globalists, the mainstay of the ‘deep state insurgency.’ Nationalists, patriots from all backgrounds, are proud of our country and want our country, to remain our country, … Continue reading

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SPLC Muslim Brotherhood ally

Comment: The SPLC, Southern Poverty Law Center, is a radical leftist inspired anti-American, anti Christian, anti Israel hate group. However, in contrast the Southern Poverty Law Center is a fervent supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood,  parent organization of radical Islamist terrorists. … Continue reading

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