Micheal Moore’s transgenders

Comment: How much can we really say about this turd? Micheal Moore is a classic example of what happens when a baby chews on lead paint. Maybe Moore has the same brain tumor as John McCain…..WFM

Resistance: Michael Moore Says Trans Troops Should ‘Refuse to Leave’ Military

By Jerome Hudson, Breitbart, July 27, 2017

Documentary filmaker and left-wing activist Michael Moore says transgender military members affected by President Donald Trump’s new policy barring them from service should simply “refuse to leave.”

In an appearance Wednesday on The Late Show, Moore and host Stephen Colbert discussed President Trump’s announcement that transgender people will no longer be allowed to serve in the U.S. military.

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“He announced it today just by fiat,” Colbert said. “Didn’t talk to anybody, didn’t tell anybody. No lawyers, didn’t talk to the military, just got up this morning and said, ‘You know, let’s get those folks,’ and just tweeted it and there’s no implication of what it means. No one knows. Nobody’s answered any questions.”

Not mincing his words, Moore called the move “disgusting” and said transgender solider are among America’s bravest military members.

“What is so disgusting about this is, if you are transgender trying to get by in this society, I couldn’t think of any more brave people to have defending this country than transgenders,” Moore said.

Asked what transgender servicemen and women should do in response to Trump’s new policy, Moore said they should “refuse to leave.”

“Just say, ‘We’re not going anywhere. Come get us,’” Moore explained. “What we have is a commander in chief who is trans-Siberian. That’s maybe the bigger problem.”

Read more if you have the stomach to listen to his crap:  http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2017/07/27/resistance-michael-moore-says-trans-troops-should-refuse-to-leave-military/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social

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One Response to Micheal Moore’s transgenders

  1. petermc3 says:

    For once I agree with Michael Moore. His assertion that Trannies are the bravest members of the military is spot on. Lets face it who is braver than a man willing to have his pee pee sliced off, grow tits and still continue to play Johnny on the pony while taking enough hormones to change Moby Dick into Moby Pussy? And just as heroic are those fighting formerly woman soldiers willing to have a pee pee surgically attached while shrinking their milk sacs. LGBTQRSTUV’s everywhere hold high your heads (the one on your soldiers) as america salutes you, it’s true warrior heroes!

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