Keith Ellison wants Cuban Healthcre for the U.S.

Comment: Keith Ellison one of congress’ pre-eminent Islamists is a fan of communist Cuba’s healthcare system. Cuba’s healthcare system was predicated on bringing healthcare to the poor and impoverished in the Cuban countryside. The program provides ‘minimal’ treatments of immunization for viral infections and diseases; serious medical issues are sparingly due to lack of advanced medical procedures and modern medical equipment.

Ellsion compared Canada socialized healthcare sytem to the U.S. without mentioning that most Canadians needing critical care come to the U.S.

Cuba’s elitist leaders flee to other countries, including the U.S., when serious medical issues arise. You can bet that Keith Ellison, congress and all the leftist deep state insurgent hypocrites wouldn’t subject themselves to the minimal standards of Cuban health care system. Ellisons assertion that Cuba has a better healthcare sytem than ours, is laughable as is he….WFM

Keith Ellison Wants American Health Care to Look More Like Cuba’s

Fox News Insider, July 24, 2017

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Rep. Keith Ellison, (D-MN), would like to see the American health care system become more like Cuba’s.

“The countries like Cuba or Canada or Russia or a lot of places in this world spend half what we spend per capita and they got better health outcomes than we do,” said the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee in Washington D.C. last Monday.

Former spokesperson for George W. Bush Mercedes Schlapp recalled the experience of her Cuban parents, who fled Cuba under the Castro regime.

“The ignorance of these Democrats like Keith Ellison is just, it’s astonishing,” Schlapp told “Fox & Friends.”

She explained that party elites, the military and foreign tourists get the best medical care, while the Cuban people are left with “unsanitary hospitals in disarray.”

Cuba’s quality of health is diminishing under the nationalist government, which only shows visitors the best of their hospitals, she stated.

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One Response to Keith Ellison wants Cuban Healthcre for the U.S.

  1. petermc3 says:

    Cuban healthcare is an oxymoron as opposed to a garden variety moron like Keith Ellison. Only the party elite and some support staff have access to what any sensible person would characterize as healthcare. I visited Cuba in December, 1999, during Bubba’s Elian Rodriguez debacle. Yes Virginia there is no santa Claus and nothing faintly resembling healthcare, never mind toothpaste or shampoo, for the masses of impoverished Cubans languishing in 1959 Cuba. A Cuban-American friend of mine from North Bergen, NJ, has sent among other things to his brother, a medical doctor in Havana, a stethoscope. Why shouldn’t Ellison be inoculated with an everyday run of the mill infection that can be treated at any Walgreens, Rite Aid or CVS here, sent to Cuba in his flip flops, camo pants and shirt, and straw hat he bought on Olivera Street in L.A., and see how long it takes him to assume room temperature. What an asshole.

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