Fox News joins the leftstream media

Comment: I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen that Fox News is veering to the left. The trend had been gradual but has picked up speed since Rupert Murdoch handed operational control of Fox News to his sons, James and Lachlan Murdoch. On April 22, 2017, The NY Times reported, the two brothers made no secret of their intent to overhaul the Fox News Brand. [1] The following article illustrates the accelleration of Fox New’s sharp turn to the left…WFM

Fox News Takes a Sharp Left Turn

By Barry Chowka, The American Thinker, July 19, 2017

If any doubts remained that the Fox News channel is continuing to swerve hard left away from its conservative roots, they were erased on July 16, 2017 when Ezekiel (Zeke) Emanuel, M.D. appeared on the channel’s signature weekly program Fox News Sunday in his new role as a paid contributor. Dr. Emanuel was a principal architect of Obamacare and he is now speaking out widely in favor of its retention as the law of the land.

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He’s a very influential medical policy maker and also happens to be a life long, in-your-face spin doctor for the Democrat socialist left. During the Fox News program, the ever arrogant Emanuel jumped on the Resist Trump bandwagon and suggested that President Trump is worthy of being impeached. Hired last February by Fox News primarily as a health policy analyst (he is a prominent physician and professor, after all), Emanuel is now providing opinions not only on medical subjects but on political ones, as well.

The turning point in his role – and an indication of where Fox News is heading – was his appearance on the high-profile, politically-charged Fox News Sunday. In addition to the nation’s cable and satellite channels, Fox News Sunday is also broadcast on over 200 Fox network-owned or -affiliate terrestrial broadcast television stations around the country.

An excerpt from the July 16th program’s transcript provided by Fox News is illustrative:

CHRIS WALLACE [Fox News Sunday host]: Since you’re a panelist, I’m not going to call you Dr. Emanuel. I’m going to call you Zeke.

EZEKIEL EMANUEL, M.D. [Fox News Contributor]: That’s fine.

 WALLACE: How far as a committed Democrat are you prepared to go? Because – I mean, we aren’t going to talk in specifics. But are you willing to see the country paralyzed for the next year? Are you willing – if – and I repeat – if more information comes out to see the president impeached, how far do we need to go on this?

EMANUEL: Well, we have – democracy is at stake here in America. Having our biggest enemy, Russia, come in and try to meddle and change our election that is the bedrock of democracy. That is the most important thing.

I do not want to see this country paralyzed, but I do not want to see our democracy undermined by having the president of the United States colluding and his officials colluding with Russia.

And, remember, there are – you know, when people go into government, they actually have to abide by the laws here. And one of the laws is you can’t get anything of value, whether money or other things of value from a foreign country.

WALLACE: Let me just bring –

EMANUEL: Opposition research is true, it’s of value. It may not be dollar value.

WALLACE: Well, I was going to say, you heard what [White House attorney] Jay Sekulow had to say about that. . .

EMANUEL: Democracy is a very fragile thing. We have seen in other countries, Turkey is a very good example of how someone can win an election and totally undermine democracy by taking down judicial independence, the press, and reelection.

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2 Responses to Fox News joins the leftstream media

  1. Joan Fisher says:

    Truth: James and Lachlan along with their wives are not Conservatives like Murdoch but Liberals and one of their wives was Hillary Clinton’s Manager and Advisor on Climate Change. These people want to shut down conservative voices and continue to add liberal voices to their programming little by little until they can finally rid themselves of the few who remain and especially those like Hannity who is part of Fox’s original programming: Most everyone else if not everyone else is gone per the firing of O’Reilly.

  2. petermc3 says:

    Reminds one of the old gag: My girl is in show biz: She works at MGM all day and fox all night.

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