The world according to Al Gore

Comment:  You may remember that Al Gore, made many statements regarding his views on global warming, for example:  In 2008 Gore told a German audience,  “the entire North polarized cap will disappear in five years.” It’s still there. [1]

Then there was this,  “During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet….” [2]

However, the following article might be considered the icing on the cake….

Al Gore Makes Gross Comparison Between Global Warming

and Slavery….

By Andrew West,, July 13, 2017

The rhetoric of the left has become unbearable in recent years, and Al Gore has continued the push toward absurdity in his latest rant.

As we are all very aware of, Gore is responsible for much of the unwarranted hype surrounding the global warming hoax after he released his infomercial An Inconvenient Truth that was cleverly disguised as a documentary.  In reality, Gore had years earlier created a “carbon credits” company aimed at exploiting the eco-guilt of Americans, and his conveniently released documentary only served to pad his own pockets.

Now, as the left struggles to maintain any sort of grasp on political power, Gore has resurfaced.  The democratic party is in shambles, and the former Vice President is prepared to circle the wagons around his favorite unwarranted cause, even if that means creating amoral comparisons between his pet project and previous, worldwide calamities.

“’Abolition of slavery, woman’s suffrage, anti apartheid movement, civil rights movement, stopping toxic phase of nuclear arms, gay rights, all these movements have one thing in common. they were all met with ferocious resistance,’ Gore said on July 13th during his talk to the conference in Melbourne.

“Other speakers at the summit tied climate ‘solutions’ to social causes.  Climate activists admitted that  ‘Carbon Neutral’ goals were being used to achieve ‘gender & social equity.’

“Johanna Partin spoke about the CNCA or Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance. In her talk, she clearly stated a key ‘mission’ of going ‘carbon neutral’ was to ‘increase gender and social equity.’

“Partin joins many other climate activists who are using the man-made global warming scare to advance other agendas that have nothing to do with climate.

“Author Naomi Klein, author of the new book ‘This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate’, admitted during the 2014 People’s Climate March in New York City activists would be caling for the same ‘solutions’ even if there was no climate ‘crisis.’ She was asked, ‘Even if climate change issue did not exist, you would be calling for same structural changes?’ Klein responded:  ‘Yeah.’”

The global warming hoax isn’t merely a catchall for liberal policy, but rather an unending cycle of globalist guilt.

Globalism, perpetrated by the likes of George Soros and others, aims to consolidate planetary power into a series of smaller and smaller cabals that present a much simpler target for corruption.  Climate change, and similar global catastrophes, present a clear opportunity to use alarmist rhetoric to achieve such consolidation and corruption.



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3 Responses to The world according to Al Gore

  1. petermc3 says:

    Although I don’t consider myself the brightest lightbulb on Broadway I did however surmise to myself that this phony cretin was up to something nefarious when, after a year or so absent from the public following his 2000 presidential election defeat, he resurfaced wearing a full beard and mustache. And while the flannel shirt may have been interpreted by some as nothing more than his coming out of the closet as a gay republican his clever disguise didn’t fool me. I mean if it was me there was no way i’m leaving the delicious Tipper to play hide the sausage with a Paul Bunyan look alike. And since the Clinton Crime Family had most of the national and worldwide scams covered, including most of America’s enemies in their hip pocket, what was left, Jimmy Carter’s global cooling, depleted ozone or the heretofore mostly ignored global warming? So then where were the potential for big bucks hiding? If you said the coming incineration of the planet Earth, bingo! The rest is history.

  2. Shirley Schauss says:

    Glore is a fake and a fraud, he made millions off the lame brain liberals, they all fell for his mythi, it is Mother Nature at work, nothing else and nothing can be done with her

  3. Lawrence Robinson says:

    In mathematics we have algorithms, a step by step linking process. In politics we have Al-Goreisms.

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