Democrats colluding with Russians

Comment: In February, 2015 the NY Times reported Hillary Clinton had sold off 20 percent of our uranium reserves  to Russia who donated handsomely to the Clinton Foundation. Then we have John Podesta….who…. Received $35 Million From Russia While Advising Clinton And Obama.  [1] [2]

Hillary and Podesta’s connections to the Russians are just the tip of theiceberg; the collusion that’s been in motion since FDR’s presidency.

We might easily assume that it is the democrats who’ve been penetrated by the Russians – money talks.  Given the long list of Russian association by prominent democrats it’s easy to see who’s really colluding with the Russians….WFM

It’s the Democrats who colluded with the Russians

By Steve Baldwin and Scott S. Powell, The American Thinker, April 3, 2017

Are those pushing the Trump/Russian collusion conspiracy living in Alice in Wonderland or what? Accepting this conspiracy narrative requires both the suspension of common sense and the collective amnesia about the history of Democrats’ actions that have earned favor from Soviet and Russian leadership over past decades and right up to the present.  

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Vladimir Putin is shrewd, calculating, and fairly predictable. If he were serious about influencing the outcome of the November 2016 U.S. presidential election, he would not have favored the relatively unknown and impulsive Donald Trump, who had no history of doing favors for Putin or Russia. It is far more likely Putin would have chosen to help Hillary Clinton — the known, predictable, progressive candidate with a history of helping Russian interests.

By doubling down on drama rather than facts, leaders of the Democratic Party show disdain for nearly half the country who voted for Trump and a seditious inclination to destroy his presidency. What can you say about a party that hasn’t learned anything from humiliating defeats — an unprecedented string of national losses at the polls in the last three elections? Overall, on the state level the Democratic Party is now at its weakest point in nearly 100 years. On the national level, Trump garnered a significant margin of victory in the states’ tally of Electoral College votes because people wanted change and they simply could not get over the chain of deceit and dishonesty exhibited by standard-bearer Hillary Clinton.

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Before leaving office on January 20, 2017, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, whose job it was to review and consolidate the findings of all the U.S. intelligence agencies, reported there was no evidence of Russian hacking the 2016 presidential election.

Conveniently ignored by the major media is the fact that it is physically impossible for the Russians or anyone else to hack our national elections because the U.S. does not have a nationwide vote tallying system. Each state controls its elections, but the various counties in each state generally have their own election counting systems. While these counties and states may post election results on their websites, the vote tabulation part of most county election systems are generally not online and not vulnerable to being hacked. And now, nearly five months since the election, not a single state or county has reported any “hacking” of its respective vote tabulation systems.

 Related imageThe majority of today’s pundits appear to be either in denial or ignorant of the evidence and long history of Russia and its predecessor, the U.S.S.R., having had far more substantial ties with the Democrats than with the Republicans. So let’s take a stroll down history’s memory lane with a mind to assessing the plausibility of the Trump/Russian collusion conspiracy.

The most egregious compromise of U.S. national security occurred in the Democratic administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt during World War II. CIA documents that became available in the 1980s, the 1995 release of the Venona Intercepts — the FBI recordings of Soviet embassy communications between 1944-48, and files released from KGB, GRU, and Comintern archives in Moscow in the 1990s show that over 300 Americans were wittingly and unwittingly spying on behalf of the USSR during this time. The result was that almost everything the USA did during WW II, and for nearly a decade afterwards, was known by the Soviets. Even though FDR was repeatedly warned about Soviet penetration of his government, he chose to do nothing about it — perhaps because of his naiveté and denial; perhaps because the USSR was considered beyond reproach as the first socialist ideal type society; and most certainly because the U.S.S.R. was an important an ally in World War II in the struggle to defeat Hitler and the Nazis.

At the end of World War II, FDR attended the Yalta conference with two of his closest advisors — Alger Hiss and Harry Hopkins. The answer to the question of why FDR made major concessions at Yalta that ensured Stalin’s consolidation of power over all Eastern Europe is now better understood from the Venona Intercepts and other Soviet intelligence documents that confirm that Harry Hopkins, like Alger Hiss, was a Soviet agent. Hopkins was FDR’s closest advisor and was even referred to as “Deputy President.” He was in the words of Soviet NKVD officer Iskhak Akhmerov, “the most important of all Soviet wartime agents in the United States.” FDR also gave Stalin $11.3 billion (equivalent to $150 billion today) in the Lend Lease aid program, which funded military hardware and weapons that were used to crush resistance in Eastern European countries after the war.

After World War II, the Truman administration’s decisions to abandon General Chiang Kai-Shek and support the Communist leader Mao Tse-tung in his quest to conquer China, were heavily influenced by holdovers from FDR’s State and Treasury Departments. In addition to Hopkins and Hiss, dozens of these officials, all Democrats – such as Lauchlin Currie, Harry Dexter White, John Patton Davies, Noel Field, John Abt, Lee Pressman, and Owen Lattimore, to name a few — were later exposed as highly influential spies and agents of influence for the Soviet Union and the Communist cause by the Venona intercepts and Soviet archive files. Hayden Peake, the nonpartisan curator of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Historical Intelligence Collection is on record noting in the case of the FDR government (whose staff largely remained intact for some time under the Truman administration until Truman instituted the Loyalty Program in March, 1947) that, “no modern government was more thoroughly penetrated.

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5 Responses to Democrats colluding with Russians

  1. Bob Masson says:

    there’s no question about it. Why was that investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails closed? When obviously there are clear signs of obstruction of justice 13 electronic devices that were under subpoena where destroyed.
    Why is destroying the affordable care act more important then finding justice?
    We should pay for healthcare through sales tax we already do it with the federal – tax end the game

  2. Karen Lewis says:

    In my lifetime, I have learned that whatever the progressives enlarge their narrative against conservatives; they have already done it! Their critical thinking or judgement skills are severely limited!

  3. Karen Lewis says:

    I agree. I started to recognize this pattern that Rush Limbaugh calls the dumbing down of the American people, particularly of the progressive useful idiots. At East Carolina University while I was teaching Nursing students!

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