Linda Sansour- radical Islamist terror in our midst

Opinion: Linda Sansour is an activist for the deep state jihad. An advocate of Sharia she has successfully played Hollywood and the so-called ‘women movement.’

The democrat’s liberal left are complicit in her seditious call to action and further complicit in any violence following her clarion call to wage jihad against President Trump.

Sansour like those on the left exploit our First Amendment for their personal benefit. She is the representative of radical Islamic terrorists who thrive under the adoring acceptance of the democrat left. Unfortunately the left have so subverted our judicial system, she will never be called to answer for her sedition….WFM

Activist Linda Sarsour Calls for ‘Jihad’ Against Trump Administration

Fox News, July 6, 2017

Controversial activist Linda Sarsour is calling for a “jihad” against President Donald Trump and his administration.

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(How about coming over to my pace for coctails once these buffoons go home)

Adressing the Annual Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention this past weekend, Sarsour attacked the Trump administration and called on the Muslim community to unite against the White House.

“Why, sisters and brothers, why are we so unprepared. Why are we so afraid of this administration and the potential chaos that they will ensue on our community?” she said, calling for a non-violent “jihad” using words, as opposed to violence.

“A word of truth in front of a tyrant ruler or leader, that is the best form of jihad,” she said.

She said that Muslim-Americans’ number one priority should be protecting and defending their communities, not assimilating or pleasing people in power.

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