Bill DeBlasio unrepentent communist….

Comment: New York City’s first communist mayor isn’t, according to radical left magazine Mother Jones, as  great as success as the communist inspired leftist liberal so-called ‘progressive’ elites would have you believe. The following excerpts article from Mother Jones, a communist magazine, gives a glimpse, or maybe a warning of who Bill DeBlasio is, a progressive nihilist, who like Barack Obama would dedicate himself to destroying the established political and social status quo. 

Sidebar: In retrospect New York City is the perfect petri dish, with a large enough under-educated and ignorant constituency, fed on victimization and the left liberal lies for generations, for a communist insurgency to take root.

The unintended consequence of DeBlasio’s rise to power has left New York City in shambles, looking more like downtown Calcutta with streets smelling of urine, naked panhandlers, disrespect for the police and every other type of societal malaise you can imagine.  

Opinion: I would proffer that New York City’s current state is perhaps the beginning of an apocalyptic future that may be the new ‘status quo’ for the rest of the country….WFM

6 Things You Might Not Know About Bill de Blasio, New York’s Mayor-in-Waiting (Excerpts)

By Patrick Caldwell, Mother Jones Magazine, November 5, 2013

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He was born Warren Wilhelm Jr. De Blasio has a fraught relationship with his deceased father. A navy vet who lost his left leg in World War II, Warren Wilhelm fell prey to McCarthyism in the 1950s. His career as an economist at the Commerce Department derailed when he and his wife were questioned about their views on communism. …

His was a lefty activist in his 20s. De Blasio got his start in progressive politics by supporting the communist Sandinistas in Nicaragua during the 1980s:

Mr. de Blasio became an ardent supporter of the Nicaraguan revolutionaries. He helped raise funds for the Sandinistas in New York and subscribed to the party’s newspaper, Barricada, or Barricade. When he was asked at a meeting in 1990 about his goals for society, he said he was an advocate of “democratic socialism….” ( the left’s delusional descriptor for communist inspired radical socialism.)

He worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign. De Blasio managed Hillary Clinton’s first run for office, but it ended poorly as the Clintons came to view him as weak and indecisive….

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