Obama: Shill for the globalist financial cabal enemy of U.S. national interests

Opinion: The words ‘shill’ and ‘whore’ are inter-changable.’ Moving on….

The question no one ever addresses is, ‘ who would profit were the republic to lose our national identity and become apart of the globalist agenda of world-wide central government control?’

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The international banks are the source of the money borrowed to finance debt, the Federal reserve is a front for those financial interests.The U.S., despite the Fed’s  attempt to totally control the U.S. economy, is in charge of it’s own economy.  Were our national identity to disappear, we would lose all control of our currency and our economic interests would be subject to the control of a central authority that would dictate where our  money goes and to whom.

Gone would be our Constitution.  The Declaration of Independence would be meaningless – our freedoms would be controlled in whatever manner the globalist authority decides.

Obama and those who would decide that fate for our country would no doubt delight at the destruction of our national identity and the dissolution of our constitutional freedoms. Obama, the luesless leftliberal democrats and faux socialists are nothing more than tools for those who would profit from our our republics downfall. The American people would become no more than vassels, ie, serfs to the globalist world order – the republic would become a faint memory, if remembered at all….WFM


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