Hannity says he’s close to going ‘there’

Comment: When the leftstream media, Laughlin Murdoch’s wife and the democrats went after Sean Hannity they unleashed a lion – hear him roar! Sean Hannity has had enough of MSNBC, Mika and Joe specifically. These two childish miscreants have gotten away with their nasty, ‘mean girl’ vitriol for too long. They wanted a war – they’ve got it!  WFM

Hannity says he’s close to going ‘there’ with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski

By Mandy Mayfield, July 2, 2017

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(You want war?)

Hannity tweeted Saturday saying he was very close to going “there” with the show hosts because he “is sick of their BS.”The Fox News host also used coined “Trump-speak” when he told his followers to ignore the “Morning Joe” hosts because everything they say is “fake news.”Trump has been on a three-day tweeting spree against the couple after they criticized him on their show Wednesday.
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