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Comment: Most of you know Mark Steyn, for those that don’t, he’s a witty Canadian conservative who appears on ‘Steyn on Fox.’  The following article’s worth reading – enjoy….WFM

Tickle Me Acosta

by Mark Steyn, Steyn on Fox, June 29, 2017

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On Wednesday night, Mark joined Tucker Carlson live on Fox News to discuss CNN’s spectacularly bad week. Following his column on Canada’s most beloved sock puppet, this appearance focused on America’s most beloved sock puppet. Potato chips, black holes and interpretative dance were also involved:

Writer and “Rush Limbaugh Show” guest host Mark Steyn said he would support replacing CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta with Elmo from “Sesame Street”…

Steyn noted how the network asked Elmo what he thought of Syrian refugees, calling it the “least-nutty thing” CNN has done.

Steyn said Elmo made for such a comparatively coherent subject that he would support Acosta being replaced by the cheery monster.

More from Mediaite:

Steyn ridiculed “the idea of converting yourself into a victim group of… I guess ‘journalist-Americans,’ the latest hyphenated victim group.”

When talking about the Russia hysteria, Steyn brought up their obsession with the Malaysian plane that disappeared in 2014 “but at least there was a Malaysian plane.”

And from Breitbart:

“I mean, Jeff Zucker is telling them to stop covering real news,” Steyn added. “You’re not entirely accurate on that, Tucker. Yesterday they interviewed Elmo about what he thought about Syrian refugees, and oddly enough Elmo happens to like them. And that actually was the least nutty thing CNN has done in the last few weeks. It’s the nearest thing to real news.”

Click below to watch:

Mark will be back on screen later this week with a special video edition of Mark’s Mailbox answering questions from members of The Mark Steyn Club around the world.


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  1. Moroni Breitbart says:

    Mark is one of the most brilliant, quick witted voices for conservatism today. I highly recommend his book; After America. It’s filled with his wit and wisdom and written with a command of the english language that most of us can only wish we possessed.

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