Liberal moviemaker Rob Reiner: ‘Fight to save Democracy’ from Trump ‘now an all out war’

Comments: How much can you really say about this fat leftist jerk? The idea that a fart-bag like Reiner issues a call to arms is a joke in itself.  It’s amazing that these anti-war lizards like Reiner, too chickenshit to serve, have the brass to threaten Donald Trump with ‘all out war.’ My response to Reiner’s call ‘to arms,’ ‘Hey Rob, how about a bitch slap or better yet, two words – weight watchers. You might pass those two words on to your other buddy,  fat leftist slob Micheal Moore….WFM

By Dave Urbanski, The Blaze, June 26, 2017


Liberal moviemaker Rob Reiner: ‘Fight to save Democracy’ from Trump ‘now an all out war’

Like the character he played in “All in the Family” way back when, moviemaker Rob Reiner has long been known for his liberal leanings. And he is no fan of Republican President Donald Trump.

Less than two weeks after Republican U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) was seriously wounded by a left-wing gunman during a GOP baseball practice, Reiner went on the attack Sunday with militaristic fervor….

“When Fox says that DT colluding with the enemy is not a crime, the fight to save Democracy is now an all out war,” Reiner tweeted. “US-Stay strong.” He added a “treason” hashtag.

It wasn’t the first time Reiner used such rhetoric in reaction to Trump.

Just after the election, Reiner called Trump a “moron” and said the United States was now “fighting the last big major battle since the Civil War.”

Reiner later claimed that Russian involvement in the election was “the greatest attack on this democracy since 1941” — meaning Japan’s surprise bombing of Pearl Harbor.

He also told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” months prior to the election that Trump’s campaign success was partly due to “a lot of people who are racists” — which prompted co-host Joe Scarborough to reply, “Oh, my God. Did you just say that?”

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31 Responses to Liberal moviemaker Rob Reiner: ‘Fight to save Democracy’ from Trump ‘now an all out war’

  1. petermc3 says:

    Let the punishment fit the crime: Have Sally Struthers sit on his face during her monthly period of confinement.

  2. Phyllis Griffith says:

    He played an asshole in All int he family so it fits the part!! Assclown!

  3. Jim Walker says:

    And just EXACTLY WHAT are you saving us from Rob – exact, provable FACTS and details please???

  4. debra Weger says:

    Without Trump, there wouldn’t be a democracy just a socialistic country where you would never have the freedom to bash any of the government that rules over you. A government that dictates everything you say and do or persecute you for treason. I thank God (whom you also don’t believe in) for President Trump and America.

  5. Robert Stedman says:

    He says nothing. I’m sure he is a hero to all his friends. Total idiot.

  6. Joseph Beauchamp says:

    What an ignorant turd..

  7. Terri Clark Flatt says:

    Once a braindead meathead, always a braindead meathead!

  8. Helga Wilson says:

    Lol. You are a joke. Nobody cares about your opinion, you’re a stupid Dem. Why should anybody listen to you.. Just go away, I thought you were dead, and one of killerys dead voters..losers always lose. We are winners and continue to win.

  9. Kevin Scott says:

    I think it’s getting to be a fad for the nut case Hollywood people to complain about Trump. Probably good for their failing careers.

  10. Gary Zaremba says:

    Americans need to fight MEATHEADS as a brain is a terrible thing to waste.

  11. Arminta Vox says:

    Obamas legacy: for people to not want for America to succeed in anything & make lies become the truth & truths become lies….

  12. Elaine Sanders says:

    Fight to save democracy?? You are not trying to save democracy you are fighting to turn this country into a socialist nation!!! You need to learn more about what democracy is before you try to save it!! How damn hypocritical the Hollywood elite are, they loved Trump when he was rubbing elbows with them! Have their photos taken with him, never turning down attending some function with him!! Now that he is President and trying to get rid of the trash in Washington they turn against him, guess Trump is just not crooked enough for them!!

  13. Gary McCauley says:

    Wow, Rob, your eyebrows and nose make a perfect set of crosshairs at 600 meters

  14. Darien Micheal says:

    Democracy, is that the make up stories part of democracy, or the block traffic democracy, or the assault fellow Americans democracy, or the invite foreign enemies democracy? Which one is it?

  15. Pamela Scott says:

    hing he does not get is that to keep our Democracy is the many reason we voted for Trump. We wanted a leader who understands that the Constitution is the backbone of our Democracy! Of course truth be told he is worried about losing money!

  16. George P MacDonald says:

    So let’s see We have the Democratic National Committee stealing the primary from Bernie Sanders Then we have shitloads of illegals allowed to vote for Hillary Then we found out our unbiased media made up all kinds of Russia shit. And this meathead is worried about the integrity of our democracy. Someone explain this to me

  17. Bob Brotherton says:

    Meathead! liberals want open borders,Globalization,no gun rights.suppress freedom of don’t want Democracy,you want to destroy the American way of life.need to get rid of all these liberal professors teaching kids that they’re entitled!!!…you’re not entitled to s– for it like all the deplorables are doing,and thank God for our Military people.”Eat s–t Rob Reiner”

  18. Breck Haines says:

    No, Trump is SAVING Democracy from you damned worthless SOCIALISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Micheal Vandergriff says:

    Is meathead really wanting a war? Archie said he was crazy guess he was right about him all along

  20. James Snider says:

    The more pissed off guys like this are the better. It means Pres. Trump is doing the right thing. They of course would have the government run everything then all they would have to do is cozy up to a few senators to get their money for their films. Then the government could be their advertisers ,funders and they wouldn’t have to deal with us regular people so much. Fight for Democracy my ass!

  21. John Cox says:

    Rob is one of the biggest DIPSTICKS in the country …why would anyone even give his words a second thought ?

  22. John Smith says:

    These liberal idiots don’t know the United States of America is not a “Democracy”; it was founded as a Constitutional Republic. That is why the States elect Presidents and Vice Presidents with “Electoral Votes from each State, rather than national popular vote totals. If the Founders of the Constitution had intended for our Country to be a Democratic Government by popular vote, the smaller States would not have ratified a Constitution where the more populated States would always be in complete control of the Presidency, and it would not be United by States, but United by the people; and would have been name as the “People’s Democratic Republic of America, or something similiar to the “People’s Republic of China, or similiar to North Korea, which is officially known as the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

    These liberal idiots who want a “Democracy” should go to China, or North Korea, for they do not have a Republican Form (not political party) of Government.

    Our Constitution is what “defines” a Republican Form of Government, and was the first Constitutional Republic.
    The Constitution was to set limits for the Government’s power and authority over the freedoms of the people!

  23. Freddy Roche says:

    He played the part of a libtard fool as Meathead. Who knew he wasn’t acting.

  24. Susan Borneman says:

    You need to grow up all of you Hillary Lost and Trump won there is nothing you can do about it support your country and those that are supporting it for you, what a loser you are, this is a democracy knock it off you stupid man.

  25. Debra Ann Phillips says:

    When Nancy Pelosi was asked about her party calling for her to step down she said “They always attack the leaders that are the most effective” Gee Nancy maybe that is why they are attacking our President. Drain the swamp.

  26. Mike Myers says:

    These Hollywood people are ridiculous – They may know their craft but all this politicking is just going to hurt them because half or more of their audience will not agree with them. I don’t know why “stars” think people will follow their line of thought like the Pied-Piper because they won’t. Besides we see actors but they aren’t really being themselves now are they (in movies etc.)

  27. russ Harrell says:

    keep hearing war and death and killing people about trump…. Is this normal? Have things been this divisive cince lincon or LBJ?

  28. Paul Kleck says:

    yep even back then they tryed to make archie look like he was stupid !! so this has been in the making longer than we imagine !! liberals against conservatives but back then at least archie showed that his liberal son in law was a mooch and had to live in archies house and pick archies pockets !!! sound familiar today !!!

  29. Peter Fiorito says:

    He’s just another liberal scum bag Sewer Rat Hollywood elite bubbleist , Just made that last word up I like it spread it around, It’s people like him that Are bringing us more and more together and making us stronger until we will bring them down to their knees….Amen

  30. Kenneth Hims says:

    If only Archie were here ,what do you think he would say to meat head. ARchie had him pegged years ago hahahahahahahaha. Meat head has not changed from those days on Archie Bunker when he was a stupid liberal.

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