Chelsea Clinton campaign gearing up….

Comment: Should Chelsea in fact run for the Senate in New York, Hillary and Bill will be the power behind her throne. Considering the electorate in NYC, who will be her base of support, are die-hard democrats regardless of any controversy or corruption involved with the Clinton’s, Chelsea will be a sho-in. The result will be the beginning of a family dynasty, steeped in corruption, a family cabal for sale to the highest bidder….WFM

Chelsea Clinton Takes First Step Toward Political Run…

By Daniel Halper, The Washington Free Beacon, June 20, 2017

Chelsea Clinton gave what may be the first clear sign she’s interested in running for political office with a much-praised tweet Tuesday morning.

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“The White House using fat shaming to justify increased opacity. 2017,” the former first daughter said in response to a report that White House chief strategist Steve Bannon said press secretary Sean Spicer is backing off press briefings because he “got fatter.”

The tweet — which Clinton insists was crafted as she “was standing line @Starbucks earlier” — is a masterstroke.In less than 140 characters, Chelsea was able to take a strong stand against online bullying, a cause previously taken up by the likes of Monica Lewinsky and First Lady Melania Trump.

Moreover, she’s standing up for a mainstream Republican, Sean Spicer, whose influence in the White House is reportedly waning. Winning over Republican voters, as any Clinton knows, is vitally important to winning elections.

Bipartisanship at its finest.

But don’t worry, Democrats. Chelsea’s tweet also signals that she’s not a total departure from her parents. Indeed, it marks a continuation of her mother’s battle against Steve Bannon.

And she’s seized an issue with widespread appeal. According to city statistics, “In New York City, obesity is epidemic: more than half of adult New Yorkers are overweight (34%) or obese (22%).” That’s a big, fat chunk of voters.

Plus, unlike her mom, Chelsea clearly understands the Internet — taking her message directly to the people, via Twitter. It’s this ability to communicate with regular Americans that will carry her wherever her ambitions may lead. Just ask the man who beat her mom.



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21 Responses to Chelsea Clinton campaign gearing up….

  1. Margie Nichols says:

    power and greed are what the Clintons stand for

  2. Sue Hicks says:

    Chelsea IS A JOKE !!!

    • WFM says:

      At this point its not chelsea to watch out for – Hillary, through the Clinton Foundation, has been bought and paid for by anyone with cash – this includes George Soros

  3. Shirley Schauss says:

    why would anyone vote for another Clinton, haven’t we learned our lesson with then, they are corrupt and crooked

  4. Pierre says:

    A Clinton running in new York will be like a Stalin running in California. Those people will never go away!!!
    And the brainless lemmings in NYC will worship the Klinthongs no matter how fowl, corrupt, lying, cheating, ​heinous, malevolent, or depraved they are…and Chelsea Hubble will learn from the master—and put the rot that Shrillery soaks in to shame.

    And the loathsome, slimy media will be perpetually groveling at her feet like summer flies on fresh dogshit.​

  5. Dondea Merrill says:


  6. petermc3 says:

    If Chelsea “aardvark face” truly cared about the epidemic of increasingly rotund New Yorkers she would propose gutting welfare. And if she cared about the rest of us she would keep the bag over her face when speaking in public. Bags, they’re not just for the bedroom anymore.

  7. Gail Dupre says:

    Hahaha! She will never win. The Clinton crime family is done!

  8. Kathy Griffin Dunn says:

    Does she think the decent hard working people like he

  9. Shane Shannon says:

    Well they got enough money they have been stealing it for a long time

  10. Victoria Meir says:

    Is she going to try and run on her parents coat tails?

  11. Linda Strong - book reviews says:

    I wouldn’t vote for anyone with that last name – enough is enough

  12. Helen Williams says:

    Boycott her. She is just as bad as her parents.

  13. Anna Johnson says:

    Heaven help us all, when do these people go away and let us live in peace again. They are dishonest, disturbing and obstructing the will of 63million people. Just want to go back to Normal elections where the loser gets behind the winner in unity for the sake of our republic. Please if you will all go to some country where they love fighting and Disruptive behavior based on emotions rather than objectivity and love of country and stay there. You are so un-American.

  14. Patrick Micheal McIntyre says:

    I actually hope she runs. Then a huge loss to add to the current embarrassment that is The Clinton Crime Syndicate.

  15. Chalie Crifasi says:


  16. Annie Reid says:

    Chelsea clinton needs to crawl up under a log a die with her parents

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