California Schools – breeding ground for socialist revolution

Opinion: Pity the fools as the saying goes. Unfortunately most of the country dismisses the danger from the radical socialist propagandists who control the California educational system as not relevant to their own local and state educational system. The infiltration is deeper than you think. Political correcness is the linchepin of radical socialist ideology.

I would offer that California is a ‘petrie dish’ for the leftist ideological assault on our political system and way of life. With that said, people need to hold their own educational systems under a looking-glass; they ¬†might be surprised at what they may find….WFM

LEFT COAST San Francisco schools institutionalize propaganda

By Jim Paxton

It is not unreasonable for parents to ask that public schools be politically agnostic in their curriculum. Teaching basic civics and history is one thing. Subjecting children to political indoctrination is quite another.

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Unless one lives in California, that is. There, apparently the teachers’ unions control the schools and have free rein to incorporate their political ideologies into daily lesson plans.

This is on full display in the San Francisco public schools, where a union-sponsored lesson plan instructs students that President-elect Donald Trump is a racist and sexist who won the presidency “by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base.”

Just think about that for a second. Parents, many of whom cannot afford to send their children elsewhere, are compelled to send their children to public schools. They can be jailed on truancy charges for failing to do so. This captive audience is in turn compelled to learn that the president-elect is a bigot, as are those who elected him, including perhaps the students’ own parents. This is state-sponsored political indoctrination.

The lesson plan at issue was written by a social studies teacher named Fakhra Shah. It was posted on the union website for use by its more than 6,000 members in the San Francisco school district, which has 57,000 students.

School district officials say teaching the plan is “optional” but their tacit approval is evident. “Educators are entrusted to create lessons that reflect California standards, support students’ social and emotional well-being and foster inclusive and safe school communities,” San Francisco School District representative Gentle Blythe told news agencies.

The lesson plan encourages students to “keep fighting” against what it calls “oppression.” Shah also counsels her peers to be prepared for students to use “inappropriate words” in describing their feelings about the topic. She writes, “You would too if you have (sic) suffered under the constructs of white supremacy or experienced sexism, or any ism or lack of privilege.”

Few would deny that Trump has said and done things that open him to the criticism of being racist or sexist. That’s a fair point for debate in the outside world. But it is out-of-bounds for schools to teach it as fact.

The San Francisco schools go well beyond that however, also teaching that the tens of millions of Americans who elected Trump are themselves racists and sexists. That’s false on its face.

Were the 42 percent of women voters who supported Trump sexists? Were the 29 percent of Hispanics who voted for him racists? Trump ou-tpolled Mitt Romney among African-Americans. Are those voters racists? It doesn’t take much intellectual analysis to look at the voting demographics and surmise that neither race nor gender come close to explaining why Americans chose Donald Trump over status-quo candidate Hillary Clinton.

In San Francisco that doesn’t matter. The election was an exercise in bigotry. The government-run schools say so. End of discussion

If teachers in San Francisco really want to understand how Donald Trump got elected, they should revisit George Orwell’s “1984.” Perhaps then it will dawn on them that other things may have caused Trump voters to rise up; such things as government-backed attempts at thought control.

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2 Responses to California Schools – breeding ground for socialist revolution

  1. Stanley Paul Whitmarsh says:

    Trump….The person in the presidential seat needs to know how and to use the constitution properly when needed and right now it’s needed very badly. take cali for instants, they need to be voted out of the union and then the land be declared as federal land and everyone there needs to find a new country to live in because they would no longer have citizenship. thats how to deal with a state of disobedience and the president can walk on the floor of congress and call for a vote immediately without discussion. ANY QUESTIONS?

  2. Wolfrod Valenford says:

    I am glad I am not the only person who noticed how fucked up our education is, trust me not just in california.

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