Antifas mommy boys call to violence


Lets face it. This is a small group of losers, most of whom are probably unemployable in jobs of any consequence. Their radical leftists views are a product of ignorance and stupidity. Radical leftists are easily manipulated children, confused and angry for no apparent reason other than what their masters tell them. In reality they, in every country where radical socialism has taken over, are the first to be purged. One way or the other they are on borrowed time because eventually we will respond in the only way domestic terrorists fear –  violence.

Quote: Stupidity has no purchase as a legacy, except maybe in the case of left liberal democrats….WFM

Antifa Website Calls for Violence Against Trump Supporters….

Fox and Friends, June 21, 2017

A disturbing Antifa website is calling for physical violence against supporters of President Donald Trump and capitalists.

The site “It’s Going Down,” which has become a resource for self-described “anti-fascist” activists, encourages violence against anyone it labels a “fascist.”

A poster published on the site in April shows a man in a Make America Great Again hat being cornered by a bayonet, with a silhouette of a Nazi in the background.

“It’s Going Down” justifies violence as not only good but necessary to the survival of minorities and the disenfranchised.

A library of downloadable publications on the website offers long-form articles that call for “insurrectionary mass resistance and refusal” and militant tactics against employers and law enforcement.

Evergreen State College, in Olympia, Washington, has recently been under siege by Antifa protesters, forcing the state school to move its graduation off campus.

Just days ago, Antifa “black bloc” activists clashed with a pro-Trump group which organized a free speech rally in Olympia and then walked to campus. The rally’s organizer said he was pepper-sprayed and left bloodied by the angry mob and some rally goers found their vehicle tires slashed.

An Antifa protester was arrested in Pennsylvania last week for allegedly using a flagpole with a nail on top to stab a police horse.

Other Antifa protesters were accused of using bike locks to attack opponents in Berkeley last month.

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One Response to Antifas mommy boys call to violence

  1. Dennis Roach says:

    Antifa is exactly like these people called brownshirts in Hitler’s Germany — only the brownshirts were better dressed and weren’t too cowardly to show their faces. Of course, in a free country you can call yourself what you want — even a bunch of vile, fascist, neo-brownshirts can call themselves anti-fascist!

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