VA official going after whistle-blower

Opinion: VA official Angel Lawrence, part of the entrenched ¬†bureaucratic cabal at the VA, is not content with screwing over veterans. Lawrence is now moving to spy on whistle-blower Scott Davis who is considered a threat to the VA bureaucracy of greed and corruption. Time for new VA Director Schulkin to sweep this malignant piece of human garbage out of the VA….WFM

Veteran affairs official files FOIA request to spy on whistle


By Peter Kasperowicz, Washington Examiner, June 20, 2017

A Department of Veterans Affairs official has taken the novel step of filing a Freedom of Information Act request against her own VA department in order to learn what a whistleblower has been saying about her.

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The whistleblower is Scott Davis, a well-known VA official who has testified in Congress and has made several TV appearances about the troubled VA. He told the Washington Examiner on Monday that he was stripped of some of his final duties in his Atlanta job, weeks after warning that retaliation against whistleblowers is on the rise at the VA.

The other VA official is Angel Lawrence, director of the Health Eligibility Center in Atlanta. Lawrence filed a FOIA request to obtain any email Davis might possess that was sent between Lawrence and any other VA employee.

Her filing was backed up in an email obtained by the Washington Examiner. In that email, a subordinate emailed Davis to note Lawrence’s FOIA request, and asked that Davis comply with it by last week:

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