Corruption at the VA

Comment: Despite the political rhetoric of charge and counter charge over progress in reforming the VA, nothing has changed. The vast majority of the healthcare providers working for the VA are not necessarily at fault. The true perpetrators behind the lack of a cohesive medical protocol are the entrenched bureaucrats who run the VA as well as member of congress who’ve done nothing to affect positive change within the VA – they are part of the corruption by omission of their duty to protect veterans….WFM

David Shulkin: ‘I would have fought’ move to rehire corrupt


DeWayne Hamlin, the notoriously corrupt VA director was the first termination when President Donald Trump took office was just rehired by Veterans Affairs.

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Hamlin, then director of the VA Caribbean Healthcare System in Puerto Rico, was accused of trying to pay off one whistleblower with $300,000 after she refused to make false allegations against a whistle blower. His termination was the result of numerous allegations including stealing opioids for his own use and unlawfully harassing whistleblowers who reported his wrongdoing. He was also found drunk in a car and in possession of painkillers that were not his own, among other things.” [1]

But Hamlin appealed that decision to the Merit Systems Protection Board, won his appeal, and was placed back in his job. Herein lies the problem: Why would the Merit Protection Board rehire a criminal? Second,we might ask, was the Merit Protection board payed off to rule in his favor? Third why can’t a summarily dismissed, proven corrupt official be fired? It would appear, in my opinion, the Merit Protection board is itself part of the endemnic corruption plagueing the VA.

This case has led to renewed criticism of the VA’s inability to fire corrupt or negligent employees, including the many still working there connected to the VA wait-time scandal of 2014.

The VA has since said that Shulkin was not able to address the Hamlin case, and Shulkin said at a White House briefing Wednesday that the case involving Hamlin was beyond his control.

“When we talk about the situation related to Mr. Hamlin, that decision was made before I was secretary,” he told reporters.

“I would not have supported a decision that would have allowed him back,” he said of Hamlin. “The Merit Systems Protection Board indicated that they believed that we needed to take him back. I would have fought that through all the appeals processes that were available to us.”

Shulkin has said since he took office that he supports legislation moving through Congress aimed at making it easier for the VA to fire employees for cause.



















































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2 Responses to Corruption at the VA

  1. Jimmy Walker says:

    The VA people are taking all the Pain Meds for personal use or selling them

  2. Jay Morris says:

    I can tell you, as I witnessed this stuff personally, it is sickening what Federal Employees are doing in the VA.

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