5 Responses to As Steve Scalise Fights to Survive, Fusion Declares Him a ‘Bigoted Homophobe’

  1. TerryLosh says:

    This is typical of normal liberal conduct. As has already been reported in several news reports, look at the difference in liberal conduct between the Gabby Gifford shooting, and this one. The first thing that liberals do is blame the weapon, not the person pulling the trigger, and conservatives for causing the situation. All this regardless of the facts.

    I hope Sarah Palin sues the pants off the New York Times for their biased, slanderous reporting.

  2. Shirkey Salzgeber says:

    We honor our wounded congressman and the police that saved everyone…

  3. Karl Reuss says:

    Americans don’t leave their wounded behind we honor them by the care we give them

  4. Shjelby Langly says:

    We pray for our congressman and his family. May God bless him and the other with complete healing.

  5. Petermc3 says:

    So now, along with only negroes being allowed to call fellow negroes niggers in public we will now have only homosexuals having the right to call fellow homosexuals queers in public. So then in order to protect one’s self from the slings and arrows of the left we white racist homophobic haters should self identify as homosexuals negroes while using bathrooms of the opposite sex in order to enjoy the left’s -only freedoms of speech, hate and pedophilia.

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