Pelosi getting crazier by the day

Comment: Really how much more is there to say other than, Pelosi is crazy as hell. They need to cut her off from the congressional wine bar. I know, I know, alcholism is a disease and it’s not nice to make fun of crazy people. However, I heard a voice tell me where Pelosi is concerned everything is on the table – except wine….Liz Cheney perhaps said it better,”Mrs Pelosi’s spine doesn’t reach her brain”….WFM


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Pelosi: ‘Outrageous’ for Republicans to blame Democrats for

heated rhetoric

By Sally Persons, Washington Times, July 15, 2017

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi expressed outrage at her Republican colleagues Thursday for implying that Wednesday’s shooting could make for good campaign ads in 2018.

“I think the comments made by my Republican colleagues is outrageous,” Mrs. Pelosi, California Democrat, said at her weekly briefing.

 She said Republicans acting as if they are not contributors to the problem is ridiculous.

“This sick individual does something despicable and it was horrible what he did — but for them to all of a sudden be sanctimonious as if they’d never seen such a thing before — I don’t even want to go into the president of the United States and some of the language he’s used,” she said.

But Mrs. Pelosi did say a majority of the problem comes from the outside sources like cable television.

“Horrible stuff that I hear that is crude and disgusting really comes from the outside,” she said.

Mrs. Pelosi described one person who threatened her and was later put in jail, saying his behavior toward her was from watching Fox News.

“I think a lot of the vitriol and invective — I mean one of the people who went to jail for threats to me — when he was being tried, his mother said he just watches too much Fox T.V. That’s what she said,” Mrs. Pelosi recalled. “They may be inflamed, [but] this mom said it was Fox News.”

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6 Responses to Pelosi getting crazier by the day

  1. Don Larson Sr says:

    She got elected because Kookafornia loves people that are straight jacket material.

  2. Thomas Keene says:

    She is moon bat crazy! Prime example of why the need for term limits for Congress

  3. Jack Reeed says:

    Indeed she is losing it on a daily basis – stumbles over words, gets details wrong (like who the current President is), hands shaking, facial muscles twitching, vacant eyes – time to retire Ms. Pelosi!

  4. Brice Wagner says:

    She already lost it, but now she is not evevn warm

  5. De Dee Brown-Bolden says:

    They all need to go to prison, starting with obama and his whole administration.

  6. Shirley Carleton says:

    They are just spinning their wheels as God is in control and they can’t fight God without consequences ! Better watch what you do to God’s chosen !!!!

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