Russian Hybrid Warfare

Hybrid warfare is a military strategy that blends conventional warfare, irregular warfare and cyber warfare. By combining kinetic operations with subversive efforts, the aggressor intends to avoid attribution or retribution. [1]

To better understand what this means to the U.S. we need only look at the current ‘Russian collusion’ investigation. On the surface it would seem congress and the left in general have wandered from directly putting Russia on the front burner, instead focusing on bringing down President Trump. Now the question, to whose benefit?  Russia of course.

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Lets start with the idea that Russia, using ‘wiki-leaks’ as surrogate, hacked into the DNC, Clinton and her inner circle. On the surface the media believed along with the democrats, that Putin wanted to help elect Donald Trump. However, upon critical analysis, some believed Putin wasn’t sure how he could manipulate a Clinton administration. His solution, defame and expose her and the DNC’s corruption.

It was ‘speculated’ by the intelligence community that Putin, contrary to the mainstream media’s narrative, believed it would be easier to unseat a Trump administration than it would have been had Hillary Clinton been elected.

To lend some critical thought, if not belief in my narrative, it is now being floated that the Russians may be behind the ‘anonymous’ sources that are creating the current confusion and chaos in Washington DC .

The mainstream media already a defacto propaganda ministry for the democrats and left in general have been sucked into what most ‘reliable’ intel sources know and believe is a classic Russian ‘hybrid warfare’ inspired intelligence penetration.

In summary, my narrative while seemingly speculative, may be more true than not. However, until the American people wakeup to the fact we’re being played, Putin will keep on using the mainstream media as a willing surrogate to his plans and continue to hurt the U.S. any way he can.


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