NYC – Whatever happened to dancing in the streets?

Comment: Having grown up in the NYC metro area I’m quite familiar with the many vagaries of the fractious undisciplined constituency who, like cornered rats do more stupid things than imaginable. This is of course the natural result of diversity gone wild.

I would offer that the most glaring stupidity was NYC voters electing a moron like Bill DiBlasio, (real name Warren Wilhelm), as their mayor. DiBlasio’s election set off a round of stupidity that reflects the myopic actions of wannabe socialist reformers.

If you don’t believe me read the following piece, a testament to stupidity and ignorance – Welcome to NYC. ….WFM

New York City eases severity of laws against

public urination, drunkenness

NewYork Post, June 14, 2017

New Yorker City residents and visitors may see more public urination soon. That’s because the city council has decided that such activity will now draw a civil ticket, like breaking the speed limit, rather than a criminal summons.

The council — in a move that mirrors a similar action in Denver — also downgraded the severity of similar offenses, like public drunkenness. Instead of going before a criminal judge, offenders will be required to attend an administrative hearing.

The shift in policy is the result of the Criminal Justice Reform Act and critics say that it undermines the city’s long-time “broken windows” policing policy in which cracking down on minor offenses, like public urination, is deemed to prevent more serious crime from occurring, according to the New York Post.

Those who advocate for the new initiative say it will divert 100,000 cases a year from a backlogged criminal justice system and stop minor offenders from racking up a criminal record.

The police aren’t happy about the change.

“They shouldn’t be doing that. It’s just going to make crime go up again,” a high-ranking police source said to the newspaper. “Grandmothers and children have to get in the elevator every day and every day it smells like p— and it’s going to keep happening. Before, the guy might have thought, ‘I better not p— in the elevator because I might get caught up in the system.’ Now, there’s no fear of embarrassment or recrimination.”

What the reform act does not protect is those who are on probation or parole. They will still receive a criminal summons, as well as those who have two prior arrests, cops said to the newspaper.

The only caveat is that officers will have to wait for their supervisor’s permission to write up the summons. They’ll also have to back away from repeat offenders until that individual has racked up a total of three civil summonses.

In May, the administration of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock proposed a reform act that seeks to split criminal violations of city ordinances into three categories, including lessening maximum penalties for public urination.

Click here for more from the New York Post

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7 Responses to NYC – Whatever happened to dancing in the streets?

  1. Rachel says:

    So Nasty

  2. petermc3 says:

    The Big Apple is light years behind The City By The Bay, San Fran Sicko where anyone can take a dump in public while nude unencumbered by any old fashion city code or the SF po-po. Wake up and catch up New York! The race is on for which big american cesspool will be first with crack-houses serviced and maintained by the DPW along with vomitoriums for heroin addicts and foot baths (public of course) for the taxi drivers practicing the religion of peace. But…. there will be no money in the city budgets for public toilets or drinking fountains. 👽

  3. Police Girl says:

    Giving degenerates liscence to use children’s equipment, beautiful parks, & of course entrances to businesses, subways, your front steps is unconscionable. Where is the outrage to the furtherance of the America we love?

  4. Phyllis Pivovarnik says:

    Oh my heavens , I’m not going to NY to see so done pee on the side walk, not interested in seeing their privates. You are ignorant disgusting perverts. Who ever stupid idea this was should be jailed for indecency.

  5. Pauline V says:

    In civilized times…..pre seventh century creatures arrived….this was against law….we heading back to seventh century?

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