Sean King the man who would be Black – but really isn’t

Sean King, one of the founders and leader of Black Lives Matter, has some serious psychological issues. The most apparent, most serious issue, is his delusional belief that he is black. Shortly after the shooting of Rep Scalise, Sean King took his racial confusion to another level by suggesting a theory for reducing mass shootings — banning white men.Image result for pictures of al jolson in blackface

King offered “I’d like to take a quick second to break something down regarding this awful shooting in Alexandria, Virginia…if America wanted to drastically reduce mass shootings by way of a human ban, white men must be banned first.

“King went on to say, “Instead of white people, in general, taking the heat for James Hodgkinson, he is almost instantly being called a liberal radical….” [1]

However, I would in turn offer, “bigotry and reverse racism can only be addressed by banning angry, not really black, white men.” We should also note that Sean King is not alone in his racial confusion.

Rachel Dolezal, who had for years passed herself off as being black, and finally rising to head the Spokane chapter of the ‘ NAACP, another classic example of a racially confused person. Related image

Dolezal once a rising, not really African-American success story, is now unemployed and soon to be homeless. [2]  [3]

I suppose we could say that the stress of our fast paced, rapidly changing society, has left many such as the two afore-mentioned, not really African-Americans, feeling abandoned and hopeless. The result literally becomes a sink or swim battle of those too emotionally fragile to keep up. King and Dolezal may have fled into their delusional reality to escape their loneliness and confusion….

There’s an old saying ‘fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, shame on me.’ However, that little saying would apply to those on the left and in the African-American community who  support Black Lives Matter and Sean King as well as those who in the NAACP who promoted Rachel Dolezal as an African-American success story.

Summary: I may not be a psychologist but I am an observer of  human foibles and the inherent weakness of emotionall disturbed individuals, and that is exactly who King and Dolezal and their racially deluded supporters really are – delusional….WFM




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One Response to Sean King the man who would be Black – but really isn’t

  1. Tony Orifici says:

    Exactly. The party of Denial and ‘Pass the Buck’.

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