Political Assassination in Play?

Todays attempted┬ápolitical assassination of Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise may signal a new phase in the radical left’s agenda to derail the Trump Presidency. The question in my mind, was this a paid assassination attack as part of a broader plan to bring the Republican legislative agenda to a halt or simply a crazy on the loose?

Rep DeSantis leaving the field prior to the shooting was asked by a man passing by him in the parking lot if the people on the field were Republicans or Democrats. Was this the shooter or merely a passerby asking an innocent question? Minutes later the shooting began.

Poster of video clip

The motive behind the shooting and the shooter himself, will be for the moment, unknown. It may not be a stretch to believe this shooting was premeditated. The shooter evidently knew Republicans were on the ball field. ┬áSecond, according to the number of rounds fired, the shooter was using an assault rife. Additionally, listening to witness reports the shooter was intentional in his movements using cover as he advanced towards the dugout. He apparently ceased movement at home plate and at that point was shot by returned fire from Rep Sacalise’s Capital Police security detail.

If there were a positive spin on this whole affair, it would be to mute the democrats Trump – Russian collusion fantasy out of the publics mind. However, that is just musing on my part. Unfortunately while it may put a damper on the democrats childish rants, we will now have to listen to the media’s non-stop coverage of the shooting. Solution, turn off your TV for a few days until we can get back to listening to the democrats continued comedy review of a non-existent reality, the Russian collusion caper….WFM


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8 Responses to Political Assassination in Play?

  1. William Hunting says:

    If you don’t think that theatrical events like the modern day ceaser/trump getting assassinated doesn’t play a role into some weak minded people you’re kidding yourselves, this invokes stupidity and stupid people to do these things and this is what happens when we allow this magnitude of disrespect for this president or any other president no matter their gender race or political background

  2. P J Johnson says:

    Sad day, prayers are with you. God bless the Capitol Hill Police.

  3. Jeff Leverence says:

    If you don’t call out people that encourage this evil, you are part of the evil.

  4. The gunman was from Illinois. A state with extream gun control laws. A very liberal state. He went after the Republicans

  5. Jessie Pierson says:

    The gunman was from Illinois. A state with extream gun control laws. A very liberal state. He went after the Republicans

  6. Jeff Sharp says:

    Just think if he killed 4, 5, 10 republican members, can you imagine how that would effect the whole system. Hell, it sucks bad enough as it is

  7. Tom Bose says:

    Think of how the media would have reacted had this been democrats

  8. Patricia Miller says:

    Thank God he did not succeed in killing anyone

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