Safe Spaces for Muslims at Australian Taxpayer’s Expense

Comment: The demand for ‘safe spaces,’ is a test which if successful will only be the beginning of demands for whatever else Muslims think they’re entitled to. My message to Australians, push back, pus back hard and do whatever it takes to put a stop to these unreasonable demands before it’s too late – your culture is at stake….WFM

Tucker Takes on Activist Who Supports Taxpayer-

Funded Muslim ‘Safe Spaces’

Tucker Carlson Tonight, June 9, 2017

An Australian Islamic group has proposed the creation of taxpayer-funded “safe spaces” for young Muslims.

The Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV), which says it represents 200,000 Muslims, claims the community is suffering mental health issues and other problems because of the widespread suspicion it faces over fears of radical Islamic terror.

The ICV said such forums would enable young people to safely express “inflammatory views that would cause trouble if voiced publicly.”

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On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” American Muslim Blair Imani, executive director of Equality for HER, explained why she thinks such safe spaces are a good idea.

“I’m talking about safe spaces being somewhere where you can be who you are without fear of being surveilled, having violence committed against you or being harassed,” Imani said. “And I think it’s a good idea to have everywhere.”

Tucker asked why she thinks law enforcement agencies would put Muslims under surveillance, and she answered it’s because of their counterterrorism efforts.

He continued pressing her, asking why there are counterterrorism efforts against Muslims in the first place.

“There are acts of terror committed in the name of Allah,” Imani acknowledged, adding that she believes Muslims are nonetheless being religiously persecuted by governments.

Tucker argued that other religious groups like the Amish and Hasidic Jews aren’t the targets of counterterrorism efforts because, by and large, they don’t commit terror attacks.

He said it’s a fact that many human beings have been killed recently in the name of Islam, even if many Muslims say radical Islam is a perversion of their religion.

“This is a real thing,” Tucker said. “And I don’t understand why groups like yours won’t acknowledge the reality of that, because it is there, it’s true.”

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3 Responses to Safe Spaces for Muslims at Australian Taxpayer’s Expense

  1. Graeme Thouliss says:

    I want a safe place to say the followers of ISLAM are inbred MURDERERS. But I will not be aloud so I will not say it

    • Graeme, If I lived in either Europe, Britain or Australia it would be safe to say I’d probably be thrown into jail for expressing my opinion – thankfully, we in the U.S. havent yet fallen that far and won’t as long as Donald Trump is in office – political correctness is for pussies too afraid of sarcasm and truth.

  2. Chris Himinus says:

    They have safe spaces, its called the middle east. Piss off goat humpers, and go back to shit-headistan where you belong

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