Jeff Sessions : ‘President Trump’s executive order within his lawful authority’

Comment: What bothers me most about this whole issue is why did the President even pay attention to the 9th Circuit partisan trolls. He was within his executive authority – to me it never made sense. Further, where was Jeff Sessions at the beginning of the controversy? Why didn’t he come down hard on the 9th Circuit?

The democrats via their judicial surrogates, have no problem putting our country at risk to satisfy their bruised egos. Their actions , and those of the politicized left-wing 9th circuit, are an embarrassment.

The 9th circuit exceeded its authority to challenge President Trumps executive authority on the travel ban. In my opinion the 9th Circuits’ action prove them unfit to hold office…..WFM

Jeff Sessions on travel ban ruling: ‘President

Trump’s executive order is well within his lawful


By Kelly Cohen, Washington Examiner, June 12, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Monday night he disagreed with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling that keeps the block on President Trump’s travel ban in place

Sessions said the Justice Department disagrees with the ruling, calling Trump’s executive order “well within his lawful authority.”

“Recent attacks confirm that the threat to our nation is immediate and real. We must not place our nation at risk until we have the ability accurately and responsibly to vet those seeking entry here,” Sessions said. “This is not about religion; it is about national security.”

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A three-judge panel of the West Coast appeals court on Monday kept in place a lower court’s injunction that halts the executive order, which puts a temporary ban on travel by citizens of six Muslim-majority countries.

“We conclude that the president, in issuing the Executive Order, exceeded the scope of the authority delegated to him by Congress,” the 9th Circuit’s opinion states. “In suspending the entry of more than 180 million nationals from six countries, suspending the entry of all refugees, and reducing the cap on admission of refugees from 110,000 to 50,000 for the 2017 fiscal year, the president did not meet the essential pre-condition to exercising his delegated authority: The president must make a sufficient finding that the entry of these classes of people would be ‘detrimental to the interests of the United States.'”

The Justice Department is seeking a Supreme Court review of the injunctions put in place by the 4th and 9th circuits, and Sessions said his department “will continue” to seek review from the court.


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