Another Gun Rights Victory!

Comment: Florida protecting gun owners right to self-defense when attacked by criminals. Florida, unlike California and other anti-gun states will side with gun owners rather than criminals….WFM

Florida Expands Legal Protections for Those Who

Fire a Gun in self-defense

NRA says law’ restores the right of the presumption of innocence and the right of self-defense.

By Stephen Gutowski, Washington Free Beacon, June 13, 2017

Senate Bill 128 shifts the burden of proof requirement from the accused to state prosecutors during certain legal proceedings when someone claims he fired a gun in self-defense. The law, which goes into effect immediately, requires that state prosecutors present evidence to overcome a defendant’s claim that they employed a justifiable use of force. If the prosecutors can’t show “clear and convincing evidence” that the accused did not shoot in self-defense, the case will not go to trial.

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“If the State of Florida is going to accuse a citizen of committing a crime, the State of Florida should have the burden of proof at each and every part of the proceeding,” Florida Senate President Joe Negron (R) said in a statement. “This legislation requires the state to meet the standard of clear and convincing evidence to overcome an immunity claim. I am grateful to Governor Scott for signing this huge step towards better protection of the constitutional freedoms guaranteed to all citizens.”

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